Wedding And Bridal Flowers: Cascading Wedding Bouquet Ideas And Designs

Ideas,tips and tricks for making cascading bouquets with traditional and seasonal flowers that will go with all wedding gowns and formal or informal weddings in the spring, summer, fall or winter.

The cascading bridal bouquet (also known as the waterfall bouquet, because of its cascading flowers that rain down from the top) is a traditional bouquet, ideally suited for a full-length bridal gown with a train. Most often, you'll find a traditional cascading bridal bouquet at a formal wedding. Formal weddings are more expensive than informal weddings, and the cascading bridal bouquet offers surprises. It's more expensive than less formal bridal bouquets, because it uses more flowers and greenery. It's also the most versatile of all the bridal bouquet styles. Its elongated shape, tapering off to a point on the bottom, allows you to add more flowers than round or nosegay bouquets. You have a free reign to add a wider variety of flowers and greenery and larger flowers if you desire.

Think of the cascading wedding bouquet as two bouquets in one, with a rounded top consisting mostly of flowers, and conical bottom displaying more greenery than flowers or small, delicate flowers. Newer trends utilize flowers in both areas of the cascading bouquet. Since greenery can play a more prominent role in the design of a cascading wedding bouquet than in smaller bouquets, if you add greenery, select it with care rather than as an afterthought. Ensure that the greenery and the flowers coincide in harmony. Your florist will help you with suggestions, but the final decision is up to you.

Your cascading bridal bouquet should fit into the overall theme of your wedding and other floral displays, but it need not precisely match the other floral displays, and it should not match your bridesmaid bouquets. It's your show, and you're the main attraction, so you'll want your bouquet to stand out from the rest of the flowers. Your bouquet can fit into a seasonal theme or a color scheme, or it can be unique, as long as it harmonizes with the rest of the flowers. Your bouquet can also take a more traditional bent, using white flowers and greenery.

Traditional Greenery for the Cascading Bouquet

Most bridal bouquets incorporate rose greenery into their designs. Ivy is always a good choice, because the varieties are endless. Smilax is yet another option. Don't overlook the greenery on some of the flowers such as gardenias. The shiny gardenia leaves are perfect for the upper part of the bouquet, and the delicate flowers and greenery of freesias and orchids work well in the lower part of the bouquet. Use your imagination to incorporate bold greenery at the top of the bouquet and delicate blooms and greenery to cascade toward the floor at the bottom part of the bouquet.

The greenery suggestions above work well with all of the themed cascading bridal bouquet ideas below.

Traditional White Flowers for the Cascading Bouquet

Roses are the most traditional of all wedding flowers, and white roses reside at the top of the list. You can also incorporate pure white Asiatic lilies, calla lilies, lily of the valley, gardenias, freesia, carnations, orchids, peony, amaryllis, gladiolas, Queen Anne's lace, baby's breath, delphinium, hydrangeas, and stephanotis. Stephanotis has adorned the Greek wedding wreath for centuries. Stephanotis stems and Queen Anne's lace can provide delicate blooms and greenery at the bottom of the cascading bridal bouquet. For a dramatic cascading bridal bouquet, consider using one type of large flower, such as calla lilies, trumpet lilies or magnolia blossoms with greenery.

Use the same flowers in other colors for the themed ideas below.

Fragrant Cascading Bridal Bouquet Ideas

If you'd like to add a hint of natural fragrance to your wedding, you have many options for adding fragrant flowers and greenery. Add fragrant varieties of roses, lilies, freesias, hyacinths, carnations, gardenias, stephanotis, lilacs, and eucalyptus branches.

Winter Cascading Bridal Bouquet Ideas

In addition to the traditional white and green complement, add any of the hellebore varieties. Hellebores sport speckled blooms ranging from white to pale green and from pink to reddish purple. Their droopy, delicate petals work best toward the bottom of the cascading bridal bouquet. Incorporate eucalyptus, berries, and silvery foliage into the bouquet for a true stark winter look.

Spring Cascading Bridal Bouquet Ideas

Pastels are the key to your spring cascading bridal bouquet. Add delicate-colored tulips and daffodils for a true springtime appeal. White and pastel peony and lily varieties provide a focal point, especially in the center of the bouquet. Spring is the season when trees and bushes are alive with color, so consider substituting a few spring flowering shrub or tree branches for greenery.

Summer Cascading Bridal Bouquet Ideas

Summer offers the most possibilities for creative color combinations in bridal bouquets. Flowers are abundant in the garden and at the floral shops, and if you think about the garden in terms of time of day, you'll discover a host of possibilities. At daybreak, the garden is dewy, and the colors are a bit more subdued. Mid-day, everything is alive with color. At dusk, some of the garden flowers' petals close for the evening. At night, only the white and near-white flowers are visible under the moonlight.

Substitute snapdragons or clematis for greenery or mix them with wispy varieties of ivy in the lower part of the bouquet. You can even opt for a tropical look, using unusual color combinations often found in the tropical garden. Summer is the best season for a blue and white combination, and delphinium provides the blue color and adds a bit of drama to the cascading bouquet.

Fall Cascading Bridal Bouquet Ideas

The season of fiery bright colors brings you many opportunities to add yellow, orange and red to your cascading bouquet. Add chrysanthemums and astors, and consider using crimson nandina leaves in place of traditional greenery.

Christmas Cascading Bridal Bouquet Ideas

A Christmas wedding is a festive affair, and you can deck your cascading bouquet in full holiday regalia. Eucalyptus branches, holly leaves and nandina leaves can stand in for traditional greenery. Add small silver or gold pinecones and bright red berries for a holiday accent. Consider using one of the unusual amaryllis varieties in the center of the cascading bouquet as a focal point or all over for in bouquet composed predominantly of red and white amaryllis.

Use these ideas as guides to spark your imagination. Get ideas online and from magazines, and don't be afraid to combine ideas""a reputable florist will take your ideas and turn them into a work of art.

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