Wedding And Bridal Flowers: Sunflower Wedding Bouquet Ideas And Designs

A country setting or bright yellow themed wedding will benefit from sunflower bouquets and decor. Try some of this tips and ideas to compliment the event without breaking the bank.

To highlight a country or summer wedding, and easily keep within a budget, an excellent selection for wedding and bridal flowers is the sunflower. It's meaning, adoration, fits well into any wedding theme and its size and versatility will enhance both the wedding party and the d├ęcor of the reception or ceremony location.

A bridal bouquet should compliment the beauty of the bride without distraction, balance with her gown, as well as add flair and color to the entire event. The bright yellow of the sunflower and its various sizes can fit into these categories without breaking the bank. Sunflowers can be purchased through a florist, ordered online, or grown for both bouquet use and as a backdrop for photographs and outdoor ceremonies.

Sunflowers are easily grown in loose, high-sun, moderately dry soil. A rapid grower that appreciates weed-free, fertilized soil, and frequent watering; some varieties can reach a height of eight to twelve feet. Dwarf varieties are available so the layout and planning of a garden or backdrop is essential. Most sunflowers will need staking to keep them erect but little else is required.

After blooming, flowers can be cut and refrigerated for bouquet creations, or dried for craft projects and/or seed roasting. Be certain to purchase the edible or confectionary varieties if seed production is the goal.

Since the flower head of a sunflower is large, a minimum number will be needed for a bouquet. Complimentary flowers that work well as additions to the bouquet should be simple, such as mums and carnations in shades of orange, white or purple. Small and multi-colored flowers, such as orchids or delicate roses will be lost in the bouquet. Basic fillers such as fern, Hostas leaves or grape leaves will present the sunflower head without stealing the show. Most sunflowers have sturdy stems but if stabilization is needed, floral wire insert into the stem up to the blossom will assist. If the flower head sags, a small piece of clear tubing taped to the stalk with green floral tape, will keep it upright. Cut all flowers at a diagonal in a large bucket of water and allow flowers to rest until preparing the bouquet. To assemble, arrange flowers and cut to the same length. Keep in the mind the size of both the bride and the gown so the bouquet doesn't distract the guest's view. Wrap a ribbon around the stems to hold them together and give the bride a handhold. Add a cascading ribbon to elongate and emphasize the bride's height and/or gown.

Don't forget to create a smaller, toss bouquet to throw to the next bride-to-be. Use a smaller variety of sunflowers in a tighter wrapping as the toss and catch can be damaging.

To maintain the Sunflower theme to the reception, try a few of these ideas:

Lay a large sunflower head in the center of each reception table for an easy centerpiece.

For the special guest that is permitted to take home the centerpiece, include instructions for drying the flower head and/or seed roasting recipes.

Provide sunflower seeds to toss at the bride/groom upon departure.

Pull the yellow petals from the flower head and have the flower girl drop to line the path for the bride.

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