Wedding Centerpieces: 5 Edible Ideas

Consider edible centerpieces for your wedding reception.

Because wedding centerpieces can be costly, it is a shame to have to dispose of them after the wedding event.Instead of using centerpieces that have no future use, consider edible centerpieces for your wedding reception instead.

1.Fresh Fruit Cornucopia:This is a fun idea to do in the fall.Purchase wicker cornucopia horns, artificial leaves, and exotic fruits for each table.Have the centerpieces assembled on the table the morning the morning of the reception.The horn should be laid on its side on the table. Next, a layer of artificial leaves should be added.Then add sweet green apples, juicy pears, pomegranates, grapes, and star fruit.Make sure the fruits are bright colored and exotic looking. Also, make sure the more delicate fruits are placed on top.Have the fruits spill from the horn onto the table.Instead of a cornucopia, you can substitute a bowl made from chocolate, which your guests can also eat.

2.Candy Tree:First, place a cone-shaped foam form on a platter. Next, cover it with candy.The candies with wrappers can be hot glued to the form, but candies on sticks are much easer to add to the form. Make sure that the form does not show through and place candy on the platter as well.At Christmastime, you can use green red and white gumdrops and attach them with toothpicks.

3.Candy Apple Bouquet:You can purchase candy apple kits at the grocery store and use them to make a candy apple bouquet.Purchase both the red hard-shelled kits and caramel apple kits.Use both red and green apples as well.The combination of different colors and flavors will make the arrangement more flavorful and beautiful.Make the apples according to the instructions and then arrange the apples in pretty flowerpots that have been filled with stones or foam that will hold up the candies apples. Add lots of ribbon to the pots having them flow across the table.

4.Chocolate covered Strawberries:Decorative glass platters piled high with chocolate covered strawberries make beautiful centerpieces.All you need to do is melt one pound of chocolate with two tablespoons of shortening.Once the chocolate is melted, dip the strawberries into the chocolate and lay them on wax paper to cool.White chocolate should then be melted and drizzled over the strawberries for a beautiful accent.These strawberries can also be applied to a foam shape like a cone to resemble a tree or a ball to form a topiary arrangement.The only problem with is arrangement is your centerpiece will not last long.

5.Gingerbread Houses:During the winter holiday season, Gingerbread houses will make an excellent festive addition to your wedding reception.Gingerbread houses can be purchased from a specialty baker or you can make them yourself using a special kit.If you feel brave, you can make them from scratch.This is also something you can ask your favorite aunt or a talented friend to do for you.Make one Gingerbread house for each table, each with a different design.Your guests can eat these at the reception, or one lucky person from each table can take them home.

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