Wedding Centerpieces: 5 Flower Based Craft Ideas

There are five different center piece you can make for your wedding that are cheap and beautiful. Tips on materials and styles.

When a wedding is being planned on a budget, sometimes centerpieces are the first to go. But without centerpieces the tables at the reception look bare and out of place. Don't worry, there are five (yes, five!) different centerpieces you can make that are cheap and beautiful. They all can be made quickly a few hours before the wedding or the day before and placed in a refrigerator overnight to keep them fresh. Remember that big centerpieces block your guest's view of each other. Simple is better.

Centerpiece Number 1

This centerpiece is perfect if the wedding is very contemporary or minimalist. This would be prepared best at the table on which it will sit during the reception because it is somewhat hard to move without it toppling.



A large piece of a bamboo that is about 4 inches

A small black bowl or saucer


Fill the bowl or saucer with cool water and place the bamboo in the center. Place pebbles around the bamboo to make it stable. Cut the orchid a half an inch longer than the bamboo and place it in the center of the bamboo.

Centerpiece Number 2

This center piece will go best with a traditionally themed wedding. It is classically romantic without being too much. Since this one contains no water, it is best to leave it in a vase until the last minuet.


Long stem roses

Ribbon in the wedding colors

Lace doilies

Chocolate kisses

Place a doily in the center of the table. Tie the ribbon in a bow around the stem of the rose and place it on the doily along with enough chocolate kisses for each guest that will be sitting at the table.

Centerpiece Number 3

This centerpiece is great for the bride who wants to give her guests a memento to take home with them. Carnations are one of the less expensive flowers, so you'll be saving money, too.



Thin ribbon

A small, shallow vase

Gather three carnations and bunch them together. Cut the stems until they are two to three inches long. Tie with ribbon in a simple bow. Make enough mini bouquets for each guest at the table and place in the vase filled with cool water.

Centerpiece Number 4

This centerpiece is great for a country wedding or one that incorporates yellow in its color theme.



A clear glass vase

Pebbles or colored crystals

White lace 1 inch ribbon

Place pebbles or crystals at the bottom of the vase, filling it about two inches from the bottom. Fill the vase with cool water. Next, fill with 5 to 10 daffodils, depending on the size of the vase. The flower stems should fill the neck of the vase. Tie the ribbon around the neck of the vase in a simple bow.

Centerpiece Number 5

This centerpiece is for the bride who loves the unusual and the colorful.


Jell-O in any flavor

Edible flowers like roses or pansies

Jell-O mold or bunt cake pan

Decorative plate or serving dish

Prepare Jell-O a directed on the box. Quickly, place flowers in a the bottom of the mold and pore in several inches of Jell-O, or enough to cover the flowers. Add more flowers and Jell-O until the mold is full. Let the Jell-O congeal then place upside down on the decorative plate. Garnish with flowers.

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