Wedding Centerpieces: 5 Picture Based Craft Ideas

Show off the photos of the bridal couple with these five picture based wedding centerpiece ideas.

Almost everyone likes to look at pictures of friends and loved ones and pictures can make great wedding centerpieces.Interesting and decorative displays that show off the wedding couple can easily be made with simple supplies. Follow these tips to make five different picture based wedding centerpieces.


Supplies needed for this centerpiece are:

Glass candle holders, approximately 9 inches tall

Pillar candles, approximately 6-8 inches tall & slightly smaller diameter than holder

Inkjet transparency film, 8.5" x 11"

Flower candle rings

Large paper doily

This centerpiece will show off a photo of the wedding couple in a soft light.Take a digital picture or scan a photo of the couple into a computer.Using inkjet transparency film (available in boxes of 50 sheets at office supply stores), instead of paper, print out as many photos as needed for the centerpieces.Make sure to print the photos horizontally since the photo will be wrapped around the 9" candle holder.If a computer is not available, the photos can be made on a copy machine using Xerox transparency film.Experiment by printing one copy of a photo in color and the same photo in black-and-white and sepia to see which one looks the best with the wedding color scheme and with the flowers chosen for the candle ring.Some good choices would be a black-and-white photo with a white candle and white flowers on the candle ring accented with black ribbon, a color photo with a red candle and red roses predominating on the candle ring, and a sepia photo with an earth-tone candle and autumn leaves on the candle ring.

To prepare the centerpiece, take the transparency and wrap it around the glass candle holder.It may be necessary to cut off some of the excess if the holder is small in diameter.Use transparent double-stick tape or hot glue to secure the transparency to the holder.Put the candle in the holder.Place a paper doily in the center of the table, set the flower candle ring in the center of the doily, and put the candle holder in the center of the candle ring.During the reception, light the candles and the photo will be beautifully illuminated.


Supplies needed for this centerpiece are:

11"x 14" easel-type picture frame

Sheet of 8.5"x 11" card stock

Paper in wedding colors

Small paper doilies


Wedding invitation & other wedding memorabilia

Photos of the bride and groom

This centerpiece will let the guests see some great photos of the bride and groom, and the photo collage can also be put into a wedding scrapbook after it is used.Using photos, a wedding invitation, and other wedding memorabilia (such as a menu from the rehearsal dinner, a shower invitation, a copy of the honeymoon plane tickets, etc.) make a collage on the 8.5"x 11" sheet of paper.Put down some doilies first, and then arrange photos and other items over them.Use doilies in red and white, gold and white, or spray paint some in the wedding colors.Cut out the inside of some of the doilies, leaving only a border about ½" wide, and use as a frame for some of the photos.

Experiment with arrangements that may appear somewhat haphazard at first; turn the photos and other items various ways until a pleasing display appears.Allow others to look at the collage and give advice until "perfection" is achieved, then carefully glue the pieces onto the paper.Several of the photo collages can be made for table centerpieces; set them up on the tables and then put flower arrangements behind the frames.


Supplies needed for this centerpiece:

Large bridal photo

Ornate picture frame at least 6" larger than the photo

Photo mat





A nice way to display a bridal photo is in a signature mat.Place the photo into the mat, which should provide at least 6" of space between the photo and the frame.Fit the mat into the frame.Make sure the mat will be suitable for signatures; purchase one that has a smooth surface and test a corner than will be under the frame.The guests will sign the mat with a pen, so do the test with the pen that will be used.

To set up the display, put the picture frame on the easel.If the picture is of appropriate size, arrange it in the center of a table; if the picture is very large, it may have to stand alone on the easel.Attach the pen to the easel, or put it on the table; have several pens for backup. Arrange the tulle over the top of the easel, allowing it to extend down over the sides of the frame.Attach an arrangement of flowers and ribbons over the tulle.At the reception, have an attendant stand by the photo and instruct guests to sign the mat.The attendant can make sure the photo is protected, or a piece of acetate can be put over the photo to guard it from fingerprints.After all the guests have signed the photo, the wedding couple will have a lovely "guest book" to hang on their wall.


Supplies needed for this centerpiece:

20-25 photos of the couple's early years

2 large photo frames

Memorabilia reflecting the couple's early interests


Often guests know either the bride or groom, but not both.Making a centerpiece that shows a little about the early lives of both bride and groom allows the guests to learn about each person. Make a photo collage, using pictures of the early years of the bride and groom.Baby photos, elementary school pictures, family photos, and sports pictures are good to use, as are high school graduation pictures, pictures with friends, and any other photos that the bride and groom particularly like.To make the photos have a similar appearance, make copies of all on a photo machine.Memorabilia from earlier years, such as award ribbons, newspaper clippings, medals, etc. can be included in the collage if desired, or scrapbook-type stickers can be added.Make the collage as interesting as possible, and get the opinions of others on how the arrangement looks.Photo frames that have matting with spaces for pictures of different shapes and sizes are easy to use if a free-form collage is not desired.Use a small piece of double-sided tape to stick the pictures onto the frame backing after deciding on the arrangement, and put the photos into the frame.

To set up the centerpiece, put the photo frames on a display table.If they are easel-type frames they will stand up unaided; if not, prop them up against a box holding some bricks or other heavy object.Drape a cloth over the box so it will not show.Arrange memorabilia or objects that represent the couple around the frame.Fill in with flowers or other decorations.After the reception, present the bride's frame to the groom's mother, and give the groom's photos to the bride's mother.


Supplies needed for this centerpiece:

Small ornate photo frames

Old wedding photos of relatives and friends



Find wedding photos of friends and relatives of the bride and groom.Very old family wedding photos are especially interesting, especially those in sepia tints.Using a photo machine, copy the photos to the desired size; details can also be touched up or the colors can be changed on the machine.Make sure to return the photos promptly to the owners.Browse antique shops and thrift shops for picture frames that fit the mood of the wedding.Find a frame to fit each photo.

To set up the display, arrange several photo frames on each table.Fill in the centerpiece with flowers and candles.Guests will have fun trying to guess who the couples are in each photo, and looking at the photos will encourage mingling with other guests.Present the photos to the persons in the photos or to their families after the reception.

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