Wedding Centerpieces Baskets

Save money and have fun creating your own wedding centerpieces baskets, the materials are inexpensive and the projects are super easy but beautiful and fun.

Here are five basket based craft ideas for a wedding centerpiece:

First start with the basket. There are many different types of baskets. Some have handles and some baskets don't. Some are plain weaved wicker,and some are fine finished and lacquered. You will have to take into consideration how formal the affair will be and what the color theme is. If the basket looks like it will meet your needs and look great on the table, half the work is done. Otherwise there are things you can do to fix up the basket.

After you've purchased the baskets, look in your nearby craft store. If the basket is lacquered, you can get some small mirrors to glue to the outside of the basket. These mirrors are available in many shapes and sizes. An inch or less is the best size, and you should vary the shapes into some kind of pattern. Place them on a tabletop first,to get an idea of how you want them. You can also get some pearl or other kind of rhinestone beads,and use them in between the mirrors, or even alone. The basket will show and the trim will spice it up nicely.

Another method of decorating the basket would be to take a piece of material, something that would match the color theme, and use it to cover the basket. Place the fabric under the basket and gather it up into the inside to measure. Cut and glue it. The material will have a gathered look, but can be quite elegant. If your basket is lined inside, you may be able to just pin your fabric to it. You can then elect to glue a matching ribbon trim, or small bows to the outside.

A third idea for decorating the outside of your basket is to attach silk flowers. They should be the same kind of flowers used by the bride and bridal party, or at least the same colors if you prefer.

Now it's time to talk about what you want to put into the basket. Here are your five suggestions.

Flowers and the traditional fillers such as leaves, baby's breath, and bows, are the standard for centerpieces. For fresh flowers get some green florist foam and place it in the bottom of the basket. You can then stick your flowers in the foam, and secure your ribbons etc. with florist picks. They are small green sticks with a wire at one end. Wrap the wire around the ribbon and insert the stick into the foam. If you are going to use silk flowers, use styrofoam. It will hold the stem much better than the green florist foam. A third option with flowers is using dried stems if you think they will match your theme and colors.Dried flowers can look quite dramatic but you will need to use the green florist foam because the stems are usually very thin and delicate. With regular styrofoam you will have to attach the stems to the wooden florist picks.

Guests tables usually seat eight to ten people each. Most brides work out seating arrangements so they know who is sitting at the table. This can be an important detail if you want to fill the centerpiece with individual items that your guests can take home. For instance, if you have a large enough basket you can purchase small bottles of champaign, and stack them upright inside. If you have children also at the table, you can include small bottles of sparkling cider or grape juice for them. Tie a bow around the neck of each bottle for the finishing touch.

You can also fill the basket with balloons of many colors, helium filled of course. Use styrofoam for the bottom of the basket, you will want to glue it to the base so it doesn't float up, and secure florist picks to the ribbon to insert them. Use additional curling ribbons to tie to the nub of each balloon for a very festive look.

A really fun idea for the guests is to fill the basket with fortune cookies. You can even look for a company that will custom print the messages for you. To make it more attractive, take small stips of illusion netting, accordion fold them and wrap the wire end of the floral pick around the middle. Insert the pick into styrofoam under the cookies. The netting is available in fabric stores and can be dyed colors other than white if you prefer. You can even glue tiny beads to the netting for a fancier look.

A popular idea for wedding centerpieces is to fill the basket with disposible cameras. The guests and children can then have fun snapping photos of the evening. To make it more special, you can include small picture frames, that they can use for the best photo they take.

Just remember to try and keep within your theme and colors, and above all have fun.

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