Wedding Centerpieces: Creating An Effective Floral Table Decoration

Creating simple centerpieces for your wedding or reception is an easy way to achieve elegance.

There are plenty of wonderful ideas out there about how to put together the perfect floral arrangements for your wedding or reception.Unfortunately, many of those ideas are great in theory, but are too difficult or complicated to pull off in real life.They can also be incredibly expensive.

In order to save time, money and needless worry, consider the elegance of simplicity over that of complex floral arrangements.Some of the most beautiful floral table decorations don't include a wide array of flowers.Try using only one, dramatic flower like a rose, amaryllis or anthurium instead of a large grouping of several different kinds of flowers for your floral table decoration.

Below, you'll find six easy steps to creating an inexpensive floral table decoration that even brides-to-be with two left thumbs can achieve.

1. Begin by choosing a tall, slim glass vase.(Colored glass can be more expensive than clear glass, and can complicate an overall decorating scheme; to keep things simple, stick to a vase made of clear glass.)

2. Pick a rose or other flower to match your tablecloth.For example, if the flower you're using is red, choose a red tablecloth.

3. Visit your local crafts store to hunt for deals on inexpensive white cloth or material.The cloth should be fairly thick, but easy to manipulate.To test out the thickness of the cloth, make a fist and tuck some of the material in-between your thumb and fingers.Puff out the cloth around your fist in order to see whether or not the material is able to keep its shape.If it does, this is the perfect material to complete your floral arrangement.

4. Once you've selected your cloth, cut it into squares that are only slightly smaller than a regular-sized cloth napkin.Take your empty vase and place it in the middle of the square.Gather up the material towards the top of the vase, letting some excess material hang down.With a rubber band, secure the excess material around the bottom of the vase.When you've finished, the rubber band will be hidden beneath the material, and you will have created a dramatic puff around the base of your vase.

5. Cut any leaves on your flower's stem that will become pressed down or ruined once it is placed in the vase.Then place the flower in the vase, and add a small amount of water.

6. Place the finished arrangements in the center of each of your tables.If your tables are round, you will most likely need only one arrangement per table.If your tables are rectangular, you may need to use two or more arrangements per table.

An additional good rule of thumb includes keeping your color scheme simple throughout your wedding.You may want to choose a tablecloth and flower, for example, that match the dresses your bridesmaids will be wearing.The white cloth you will be using for your arrangements will match whatever color you choose.

Also, if you don't have access to a designer, or can't afford one, try using no more than three colors throughout your wedding's color scheme.Again, using white for accents like trim or candles as a fourth color is always acceptable.

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