Wedding Craft Ideas: Easy Quick Ideas For Crafts You'll Cherish

It is easy to add own's own style to her wedding with crafts that are easy, cheap, and fun to make.

Creating some beautiful items for your wedding is a great way to infuse your own style into your wedding, get exactly what you want, great way to cut costs, and can also serve as a creative outlet for the stressed bride.There are a lot of really beautiful things that you can make for your wedding; the sky is the limit on what you can create!Here are some things that most any bride can do in just a little amount of time, which will add to the beauty of the day and can serve as keepsakes for you and your guests.

Favor Ideas:

One very original idea for a wedding favor is the message in a bottle.You'll need small glass bottles (usually about 4-5 inches tall) with a cork in the top.These bottles can be found at most craft stores, and if you get lucky, at your local dollar store.You'll want to buy lightweight colored paper and a metallic marker, or something to write with that coordinates with your wedding theme or colors.Cut the paper into strips small enough to fit into the bottle, but still big enough that you can write on them.On one side of the strip of paper you can write the names of the Bride and groom and on the other, you'll write the wedding date.You could also print a picture of the bride and groom on one side and the wedding date on the other.Before placing the strip of paper in the bottle, you can put a small amount of colored sand, seashells, ribbon, or other theme related items in the bottle.Once your decorative items and strip of paper have been placed in the bottle and you are pleased with the readability and overall display, place the cork in the bottle, gluing it closed if you wish.Then, you may tie a piece of ribbon or other theme related item to the outside of the bottle.Put one of these at each place setting at the reception for a unique favor.This favor can take just a couple minutes or much longer depending on how extravagant you wish to make them.

Another very cute idea for a wedding favor is to give each guest a packet of seeds.The seeds can be your favorite flower, favorite fruit, vegetable, or shrub.You can place a few seeds into small decorative envelopes, which can be found in your craft store.On the front of each envelope write a small verse or poem about planting the seeds of love, or even just your favorite saying, Bible passage, wedding date, or prose would be nice.This will be something that your guests can truly treasure long after your special day has past.

Decorative Ideas:

A lot can be done with pieces of Styrofoam sold in craft stores, as they come in all shapes and sizes.If you want centerpieces for a reception tables, an easy idea is to take a rectangular piece of Styrofoam and evenly space candlesticks into it.Then, use color coordinated dried flowers to cover the rest of the Styrofoam for an elegant, yet simple, centerpiece arrangement.And, because you can do these in all different sizes and shapes, your possibilities are endless and very cost effective.This project can also be done with fresh flowers, theme related items, pillar candles, or votives.Experiment with Styrofoam; you'll be glad you did!

Another unique idea is to decorate with potted plants.You can find small terra cotta pots at your local craft store or nursery.You can decorate the pot with beads, paints, fabrics, glitter, ribbon, and more.Don't hesitate to get creative here!Then, you can buy small plants and put them into your newly decorated pots.These can be placed on the altar in a church, at the end of each pew up the aisle in the church, on a guest book table, on reception tables, or just about anywhere.These can also double as favors for your invited guests, or gifts for those in your wedding party.It's simple, can take very little time, and is very personal.Have fun with it!

Ideas for attire:

You may have picked out the perfect dress, the most beautiful veil to compliment it, and those awesome shoes you have been eyeing up.You may have even thought to get some beautiful undergarments to make the package complete.But, do you have a cute garter?Is it more than a white band around your thigh?Does it say something about you?If you're planning on having your new hubby "toss the garter" shouldn't it say a little something about you?Buy a plain garter, whatever color you choose.Now, go crazy.Sew or hot glue coordinating ribbons, fringe, themed ideas, a toy ball and chain, whatever you like!Let it be a statement about you, when you're not in a wedding dress!You'll look beautiful, but it'll be fun having a little piece of the "non-bride" you underneath!

Creating a headpiece for a flower girl can be a lot of fun.You can find mesh circles at the craft store that are made just for creating custom headpieces for less than a dollar, usually.If you have a very young flower girl, silk flowers may be best suited as they will not wilt or tear if she pulls at her hair.Create a pattern of flowers around the mesh circle until the entire surface is covered.Then, attach streamers of ribbon to the under side of the mesh circle to go down the back of your girl's head and add some color to her hair and outfit.Then, glue two or three of the flowers to the streamers to complete the look!This headpiece can be done for less than five dollars and will look as though a professional did it!And, she'll thank you as she can take it home and use it for dress up later!

Gift Idea:

A fun and inexpensive gift idea for your wedding party is to create your own t-shirts.You can buy iron on transfers at your local craft store for very little; make sure to buy extra so you can be sure to get it right!Then, create a cute image with clip art or a picture of the bride and groom.A cute saying such as, "I survived their wedding!" would work well.These t-shirts are cheap, quick, and your wedding party will get a kick out of them!These would go well with the potted plants listed above, or just as they are, depending on the amount of time and money you are able to spend.

Your creativity is your only limit where wedding crafts are concerned.If you are looking to help expand your budget a bit, there is still so much you can do!Don't limit yourself, and don't be afraid to think outside the box!Your wedding day is yours!Create the beautiful day you have always envisioned!

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