Wedding Day Menu: Vegetarian Food Choices

You dont have to serve meat at your wedding if you don't want to! Get vegetarian menu ideas that will taste so good no one will miss the meat

There are several reasons why planning a vegetarian menu for your wedding day is an excellent idea.

For one thing, you never know what kind of diet your guests are on and if would be a terrible shame to prevent a guest from enjoying the delicious dinner you've selected by choosing dishes that include meat or food made using animal by-products in all of your courses. Going vegetarian is a safe bet that all of your guests will at least be able to eat something.

But your wedding day is all about you and you can't please all of your guests, so you are not obligated to cater to their tastes. You must cater to your own. This means that if you are a vegetarian, plan your menu according to your dietary needs. Exposing your attendees to something new and healthy won't hurt them and it will make you happy. It would be nonsense for the bride to skip a course at her own wedding because she included meat to please her guests.

Vegetarian meals have to make up for the lack of meat by having extra flavors, textures, and creative presentations. By pushing the creative limits of your menu to its furthest, your guests will be able to eat something that they have never tried before. Your wedding's cuisine will be something they will never forget.

Once you have decided to go vegetarian, you need a chef or caterer who is an expert at meeting those dietary needs. It is all the better if you can find someone who specializes in vegetarian or alternative cuisine, but in some parts of America that may be extremely difficult to find and when you do find them they might be overbooked or way to pricey to fit in with your budget.

If you go with your average caterer, be sure that they have at least done a few vegetarian weddings or events before. Request the names and phone numbers or contact information of the people whom they have served vegetarian food and check their references. If past customers were not satisfied, you may want to move on.

If you find a keeper, just plan on spending a little extra time assisting the caterer in developing a menu. Let him know which ingredients are acceptable and which ones are not. For example can your caterer cook with cheese and milk but not eggs? Can your main course be fish? There are different degrees of vegetarianism and your caterer might not know what you mean when you say "I'm a lacto-ovo vegetarian." So make him a list of ingredients that he may not use under any circumstances.

Walk through the list of dishes and have the caterer carefully go over with you the exact ingredients that will be used to create the dish. If it passes, add it to the list of possible dishes, and if it doesn't, come up with something else.

If your caterer is at a loss for ideas, start by thinking about what foods are in season in your area and develop something around that ingredient. Remember that you can always start with a big beautiful salad with or fruits and nuts or a mixed vegetable soup as an appetizer. The dessert can always be juicy fruits in some type of syrup or baked into a tart. Now you only need to come up with one more dish for your entrée, and together the two of you can surely handle that.

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