Wedding Hairstyles

Find out the best way to wear your hair on your wedding day; how to select your headpiece and hairstyle.

Many brides have a difficult time deciding what type of headpiece to wear with their wedding dresses. There is such a variety of styles and fashions from which to choose. Some of the more popular styles include tiaras, combs, crowns/wreaths, bun wraps, and headbands. After choosing a headpiece, you still have to decide whether you want a veil attached to your headpiece and if so, what length you want your veil.

As soon as you find that perfect dress, start thinking how you want to wear your hair on your wedding day. The type of headpiece that you select could determine what type of hairstyle you should wear. If you have your heart set on a particular style of headpiece, talk to the bridal salon consultant for ideas on how to wear your hair with each different type of headpiece. If you know for sure that you want to wear your hair down, a consultant can help you select a headpiece and veil that looks best on simpler hair styles. Bridal salon consultants attend numerous wedding shows, read the latest catalogs, and stay up to date on the latest trends for hairstyle and headpiece selections. They are great sources for hairstyle recommendations. And best of all, their advice is free! You are paying to order the headpiece and their knowledge and experience is an added bonus! They can also advise you about what style headpiece will look best with your dress. Here is a list of some of the more popular headpieces and the most complementary way to wear your hair with each.


The headband style looks elegant and can be worn with an up-do or with your hair down. There are a variety of styles available: from thick, white headbands to thin, diamond-studded headbands. You can also wear these with or without the veil. Some headbands come with detachable veils so that you can wear the veil during the wedding ceremony and remove it for the reception. If you plan to do your hair yourself, the headband is a good selection, because it is simple to put on. Headbands are also good choices for short hair; however, you should select a thinner headband, so the headband doesn't overwhelm your hairstyle.


The crown style is usually a wreath-like circle of flowers or a combination of flowers and bows. Crowns and wreaths vary from simple designs to very elaborate ones. The crown headpiece can also be worn with an up-do or with your hair down. The crown is usually made of a flexible material so that it can be molded to your head, allowing you to wear it around the top of your head or at more of an angle. If you are undecided on what hairstyle you want to wear but are pressed for time on ordering your headpiece, the crown is a good choice for many hairstyles. It is best on long hair, and it may be overwhelming on short hair.

Bun Wraps

Bun wraps are circular headpieces that are placed around a bun. Even the simple ones look very elegant. If you are wearing a bun wrap, unless you are very adept at styling your own hair, you will probably want to have your hairstylist do your hair. Bun wraps are a bit more complicated to wear than headbands, crowns, or tiaras. The bun wrap will work best with long, thick hair. If you have short hair or thin hair, you probably won't be satisfied with the look of a bun wrap.


Tiaras are a bit outdated but are still used by some brides. Like many fashions, tiaras go in and out of style. Tiaras are the crowns worn by beauty queens. They are available in diamonds, pearls, and other materials. Tiaras, like headbands and crowns, could be worn on an up-do or on hair wore down. The elegance of a tiara calls for a more sophisticated hairstyle. Only a bride in a very elegant wedding should attempt to wear a tiara.


Combs can be worn with or without a veil. Combs can also be worn on up or down hairstyles. You can select a style from very simple to quite fancy, from pearls to diamonds to flowers. Combs also look great in shorter hair or can be worn to hold back the sides of long hair.

If you are still undecided on how you want to wear your hair, you should try to experiment with a variety of headpieces to see which you prefer. Visit a few local bridal salons and experiment with several different styles of headpieces and veil lengths. Usually, when you order your headpiece, the veil length is custom ordered according to your preference. There is really no set rule about veil lengths; it is basically your preference of where you want your veil to fall. With a little planning, you will be guaranteed to have a great hairstyle on your wedding day!

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