Wedding Make-Up Tips: What's Different From Day To Day Styles?

The way you style your wedding day makeup is very important to your overall bridal look.

The way you style your wedding day makeup is very important to your overall bridal look.The application process is far more daunting than it is when you are getting ready for a typical day at the office.Truly, there is no other day in your life when you will care so much about the way your lipstick and liners are applied.It makes sense - after all, you are wearing the most beautiful dress that will ever adorn your body, you will have your hair groomed to sheer perfection, and you will be embarking on a journey down the aisle that is symbolic of your journey into married life with your new husband.No pressure, though.You might decide that it is worth it for you to seek the assistance of a professional makeup artist so that you don't have to stress about making mistakes with your jittery morning-of-the-biggest-day-of-your-life hands.If you are going to have your makeup done professionally, you should absolutely have a trial run a few weeks in advance, especially if you have not had your makeup done by this person before.You might be able to find a salon that offers bridal packages that include your wedding day hair, make-up, and nails for one discounted rate, and usually the trials are free for your hair and makeup when you purchase a bridal package.It isn't cheap, but you will feel so pampered.On the morning of your wedding, you need all the help you can get in order to relax and breathe normally.If you really can't afford it or if you are too much of a control freak to surrender your face to a professional, then you should definitely buy your makeup a few weeks or a month in advance and practice your bridal look several times before the big day.There are many ways that your makeup is different on your wedding day than it is on any other day.

Even if you are going for the natural look, you will be wearing much more makeup on your wedding day than you are used to wearing on a regular basis.You are going to be the focal point of the event, and you are also going to be involved with lots of photographs.When a makeup artist applies makeup to a stage actor, they use an excessive amount so that the colors show up boldly to the audience.For your wedding, you want to look good from afar and from up close too - you want your face to be at its best when you and your groom are face to face exchanging vows.You should apply moisturizer more heavily than usual, and let the moisturizer become absorbed into your skin for about three minutes before applying the foundation.Even if you normally apply your foundation with your fingertips, you should use a makeup wedge to put it on today because it will have more staying power with that type of application.Carefully apply a layer of foundation to your face, more liberally than usual.Try not to wrinkle your face after you have applied the coat of foundation - stay motionless for three minutes so that it lasts and dries in place.

Next, apply your eye make-up.You might decide to use a liquid or cream liner and shadow for a bolder and longer-lasting look than can be achieved with a normal eye pencil and eye shadow.To give your eyes a dramatic pop and make your lashes look as full as they ever could, you should feel free to use fake eye lashes on your wedding day.If you are having your makeup done by a professional, then you are in luck - they can apply fake lashes with ease.If you are doing it on your own, then practice applying fake lashes several times before the morning of the wedding - it takes some getting used to.After you have applied the fake lashes, you should apply several layers of mascara, and you can curl your lashes and the fake lashes so that they look more uniform.Once your eyes are done, carefully pencil in some brow color.Next, apply your loose powder and blush.After you have finished everything except your lipstick, apply pressed powder to lock in your makeup - it helps to preserve your look.To make your lip color last, apply a layer of foundation to your lips first.When the foundation is dry, line your lips and fill them in with a lip pencil that is identical to the color of your lipstick.Next, apply the lipstick to your lips, and finally, apply a layer of lip gloss over the lipstick.Keep your lipstick and gloss in your purse so that you can touch up your lip color for pictures and after dinner.

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