Wedding Party Favors: 20 Extremely Cheap But Fun Ideas

Ideas you can use for fun inexpensive wedding favors.

Here are some ideas you can use for fun inexpensive wedding favors.

1. Key chains:For just a few dollars per dozen, you can purchase clear plastic key chains into which you can insert a picture and a card with your wedding.Spend a few extra dollars on the bridal party, and get them silver engraved key chains.

2. Chinese take out boxes:Chinese takeout boxes make great party favor packaging.You an order them inexpensively in white, or red with black Chinese characters.You can fill them to the top with chocolates, home made cookies, or even popcorn.

3. Potpourri sachet: Potpourri sachets are easy and inexpensive to make.Your guests can hang them in the car, or place them in a drawer.Every time they smell that fresh scent, they will remember your special day.

4. Home made candles:You can purchase candle gel kits or candle sand kits without the use of the stove.You can use inexpensive votives, shot glasses, or even wine glasses to make your candles unique.You can further personalize them by adding clear labels with your wedding information printed on it.

5. Personalized dinner mints:To avoid insulting one or two guests by offering them a much-needed mints, give everyone mints. You can purchase special heart shaped wedding mints with words like "I do" and "Happily ever after" printed on it and wrap them in tulle and ribbon.Another option is to purchase tins of mints in bulk and then add your own wedding labels.

6. Wedding Fortune Cookies:You can order fortune cookies for your guests with personalized "fortunes" inside.You can use a few different fun messages and play a game according to the messages.In addition, you can have one or two special cookies and give special gifts to whoever has them.

7. Place card holders: Give your place card holders double duty by allowing the guests to keep them.You can purchase inexpensive bells or fashion them yourself from clay.Your cardholders can be as simple as a ball with a slot in them or as intricate as a mini sculpture.They can be used later to hold photographs.

8. Live flowering plants:Your wedding floral arrangements can also serve as wedding favors.Start growing your favorite flowers from seeds a few months before your wedding. Place the seeds in miniature clay pots and grow them on your deck or porch.Wrap the pots in tulle and arrange them in groups at the center of the table.As your guests leave, have them to take the flowers.

9. Wedding CD:With a CD/DVD burner, you can make multiple copies of a compilation of the music you plan to play at your wedding. Add special wedding labels to the CD's.

10. Painted Sea Shells:This is especially appropriate for a beach themed wedding.Collect enough seashells for all of your guests, and paint them in colors to match the wedding décor.Write the wedding information in each shell and give them to your guests.

11. Painted rocks:Purchase bags of river stones and paint the rocks in your wedding colors.Add your wedding information to the rocks and call them "lucky stones".

12. Tree ornaments: If your wedding is anytime near the winter holidays you can make home made Christmas ornaments of any style that includes your wedding information.

13. Lip balm: You can purchase large bags of personalized lip balm tubes and give them out to your guests.Make up reasons during the reception for couples to use the lip balm and kiss.

14. Charm bracelets and lapel pins:Purchase beads from the local hobby store and make charm bracelets for your and lapel pins for your guests.

15. Bookmarks: Bookmarks made of ribbon can be purchased and engraved cheaply.You can also create bookmarks yourself out of beads, or other materials.

16. Refrigerator magnets:Using refrigerator magnet cards create special favors using wedding charms and pictures of the special couple.

17. Pez dispensers:Pez dispensers are very inexpensive and a lot of fun to collect.Add clear wedding labels to them and give them to your guests.

18. Surprise balloons:Purchase balloons that say "just married", and put notes, gift certificates, or other prizes inside.Take a few moments at the end of the reception to have the guests burst the balloons.

19. A royal reception:Give your guests inexpensive tiaras and crowns to wear at the reception.It will add a sense of fun and a regal atmosphere to the party.

20. Piñata:Add a piñata to your wedding celebration.Cover the bride's eyes and have the groom direct her in hitting it. Invite the guests grab to the prizes that fall from it.Fill it with rose petals, candy and small trinkets.

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