Wedding Party Favors: 5 Easy Flower Ideas

Five easy and fun ideas for creating wedding party favors using fresh flowers. Includes ideas using silk, fresh and dried flowers.

Part of the fun of planning a wedding is coming up with fun, unique ideas for favors.Traditionally, favors are given to wedding guests at the reception and sometimes at the ceremony itself.Favors usually consist of small, inexpensive giveaways such as chocolate covered almonds in organza bags.A new twist on the tradition of wedding party favors is to create favors using fresh, dried or silk flowers.Here are five ideas for unique wedding party favors.

Favor #1:Dried flower sachets

One easy way to make a flower favor is to make sachets using organza bags stuffed with dried flowers.To make the flower mixture, choose a variety of fragrant flowers, such as roses and lavender, and dry out the stems by leaving them in a warm, dry place for several weeks.Gently remove the petals, taking care not to break larger petals into smaller pieces.Using pre-sewn organza bags with ribbon drawstrings (available at most craft supply stores), stuff the dried flower mixture into the bags and close by tying the ribbon drawstring into a bow.If you are crunched for time, you can also purchase potpourri mix at many craft supply stores, rather than drying flowers yourself.

Favor #2:A bouquet of bouquets

Many reception centerpieces involve a flower display, such as a vase filled with flowers.A new twist is to make the centerpiece the favor.Fill a large glass vase or stainless steel container with individual bouquets of flowers in different, complementary colors, such as varying shades of purple and lavender.Leave a note on each table indicating that each guest (or couple) is to take a bouquet home as a gift.The gift of fresh flowers is an unexpected and always welcome gift!

Favor #3:Candle rings

Along with flowers, another traditional component of the reception table is candles.For a memorable gift, purchase glass or crystal candelabra and silk flower rings that fit around the base of the candle.Use long, white or ivory tapers and colorful flowers for a dramatic look during the reception.Attach a note (using ribbon) indicating that the candelabra are to be taken home by guests as gifts at the end of the wedding, to be used for romantic evenings in the spirit of your wedding.

Favor #4:Door wreaths

Another unique idea using silk flowers is to create small door wreaths as gifts for wedding guests.Purchase foam circles and silk flowers at your local craft store, then attach the flowers to the wreaths using a hot glue gun.Wrap a thick (1-2") ribbon in a loop through the circle and either tie the ribbon into a bow or glue it together using the hot glue gun.Be sure to make the ribbon long enough to allow the wreath to hang gracefully from a nail.To give the favor, tie each wreath to the back of a chair at the reception, and leave a note on the table indicating the wreath is your gift to the guest.

Favor #5:Bud vases with a personal touch

If your wedding is small enough that you and your fiancé personally know each of the guests attending, a touching gesture is to decorate the reception tables with bud vases, each containing a single flower.Around the neck of the vase, tie a ribbon that has a personal note addressed to the guest, giving personal thanks for their participation in your wedding day.Such a gesture will not be soon forgotten, and will make your wedding day even more special.

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