Wedding Reception Decoration Budgeting

Tips on cutting costs for your wedding reception, as well as a guide for low cost options for high ticket items.

The most memorable day of your life is usually the most expensive day, too.If you're not careful, your wedding day could get you more into debt than you are ready for.You don't want to start your new life together with your new spouse dug into a financial hole that you can't get out of.It's probably pretty safe to say that you don't want to put a huge financial burden on your family when some cost cutting corners are out there for you to take advantage of.

The first and foremost easily cut cost is in the flowers at the reception.If you have chosen real flowers for your wedding, put a special friend or family member in charge of bringing the flowers from the ceremony to the reception.There is no sense in paying double the amount for real flowers that are just going to die anyways.

If you have decided to chose artificial or silk flowers, congratulations on a cost cutting decision.Not only do these flowers last forever, they can be much less expensive than real.Certain flowers are more expensive at certain times of the year, as they become rare and more difficult to obtain. For example, if you want sunflowers at your wedding, and you are getting married in early June, it is going to be difficult to locate them at this time of year.October would be a much better month for sunflowers and a spring flower, such as daffodils or tulips would be a cheaper alternative for early June.

Artificial and silk flowers will cost the same for the entire year.Remember the internet, as there are thousands of wholesale and retail distributors who will be able to save you even more money on your flowers.

It is also quite expensive to have a specialty store arrange your chosen flowers.They will do a fabulous job creating beautiful bouquets, centerpieces and pew bows, not to mention hair accessories.A cheap alternative is to make your creations on your own, or have a creative friend either do the work as a wedding gift or help you along.If you're not that lucky, many craft specialty stores offer classes that you can take on flower arranging.This is another cheap alternative to a florist.

Candles can be a lovely touch to your wedding reception, especially if the festivities are in the evening.Candles themselves are cheap, while having them put into an arrangement can be quite costly.If you decide to go ahead with a candle plan, be sure to talk to the wedding coordinator at your reception to see if candles are even allowed to be lit.It would be a shame to spend all of that time and money on a project that you can't light due to fire codes and regulations.

Ice sculptures are very popular, but are very expensive.If you feel that you truly need one, as you have been dreaming about it your entire life, check with local culinary arts schools.Many of these schools have ice sculptures as a course of study, and may be able to give you a very good deal on one.One thing to remember is that ice sculptures do melt awa into water, so if you don't have the money to drift away, try to do without.

Cutting costs where you can will allow more money to be freed up for your all important honeymoon.Remember, the wedding is merely a show that you are putting on for your family and friends, where you and your new spouse are the models of the day.Your honeymoon is your well deserved retreat for dealing with the hassles and headaches of putting on your wedding, as well as time away with your significant other.

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