Wedding Reception Decorations: 20 Traditional Ideas

Twenty plus wedding reception ideas and decorations for creating an elegant and memorable wedding from the entrance of the wedding to the last dance. Your friends and family will be talking about your reception as the wedding to imitate.

Wedding Reception Decorations

20 plus Traditional Ideas

Most people agree that the most stressful and important part of the wedding day is the actual wedding ceremony. Once the vows are exchanged, however, all agree that it's time to party. The wedding reception begins the relaxing part of the day. The decorations or themes chosen by the couple will set the stage for an impressive, enjoyable and also fun time for all the guests. I am a firm believer in keeping to all the traditional details when decorating but also personalizing with your own style.The following suggestions are, mostly, for a formal traditional wedding. If you prefer a more casual wedding, you could modify them to fit your style. No way is more right than the other is. They are all right.

1. First impressions are lasting impressions. You will want to convey to your guests before they even enter the reception that you have planned an elegant, romantic occasion. This can be accomplished by a walkway of candles or potted flowers. I like to line the walk with scented Geraniums if they are in season. The fragrance adds to the romance of the wedding. Some people will decorate an archway with flowers, greenery or balloons. Whatever you choose, the entranceway tells everyone that something special is happening there.Lights interwoven amongst the decorations will also announce that the stage is set for a good time.

2. Once your guests have entered the reception, they will need to be directed to where they will be seated. One single rose with a heart shaped place card trimmed in gold ribbon, or the colors of the bridal party, adds a romantic touch and tells the guest that you have personally chosen a special place for them.There is a whole tradition and language of flowers that is centuries old.The rose is symbolic for love and unity. How appropriate to greet your guest with this symbol.It expresses your love for family and friends attending the wedding.

3. Your guests will need a table to place their gifts. You can keep it simple with just a double tablecloth on it. The bottom layer floor length in a white or any color that compliments the bridal colors and the top overlay in the bridal color or gold. For the guests who will be giving a money gift, you should place a decorated basket on the table and place an empty envelope in it with the bride and grooms name on it so the guest will know that this is where the cards are placed.Some couples place a decorated mailbox for these money gifts. They can be rented or made for the occasion.

4. The cake table should be decorated more elaborately because many pictures are taken at this location.Besides the tablecloth in the bridal color, you could drape some tulle along the sides in a swag manner. At each upward part of the swag, you could place a bow or ribbon or a flower.

5. When decorating the guest table, keep in mind the comfort of the guest. As in all the tables, for a formal look, the table should be covered with a table linen and set for a festive occasion with a centerpiece. The centerpiece is very important because, at the end of the night, it can be given away to one of the guest at that table as a keepsake of your wedding.

6. Next you will need a bridal table. This could include the whole bridal party or could just be a cozy table for just the bride and groom.Either way it, too, could be covered with a floor length table linen and then place a square of a bright color or the bridal colors over it. The linens will dress up the tables and create a very elegant atmosphere.They are really worth the extravagance.All these linens sound like a lot but they can all be rented at a rental supply store.You will be glad you dressed up all the tables.

7. The bride and groom chairs could also be decorated in a special way to tell everyone that they are the honored hosts. This can be accomplished by draping a fabric over the chairs with the fabric floor length after it has been hemmed. Next tie a ribbon around the top section of the chair and you can attach bows or flowers to the back of the chair.

8. Cloth napkins give an elegant appearance.They also can be rented and add a sophistication to the wedding.They can be folded in many different ways to add to the decorations. For a simple yet elegant way, you can fold them accordion style then in half, then place them in the water glasses. This is always festive.

9. Another way to display the napkins in to put them in napkin rings. A simple round plastic napkin ring can become an elaborate decoration just by wrapping satin ribbon around the ring, then add a bow at the end and hot glue some small silk flowers with some baby's breath.As your guests remove their napkin, they will feel like they are at a very special occasion.

10. Centerpieces are a very important decoration that adds elegance to any affair.There are many different types and styles. The easiest would be to decorate a basket, place in some floral foam and arrange the fresh flowers.

11.On the same vein, you could place a vase in the middle of the table decorated with ribbon and arrange the fresh flowers in it.An added detail would be sprinkling some rose petals around the vase.

12. An arrangement of votive candles, which are wrapped in ribbon, also makes an attractive centerpiece.Candles always add a romantic look to any table.Even if your wedding is a more casual affair, the addition of a centerpiece, cloth napkins and elaborate table linens makes any wedding a grand event.

13. Another dramatic centerpiece is created by first placing a square or round mirror tile on the table.Some candleholders are then decorated with satin ribbon or chiffon ribbon. Next place the votive candle in the center or place a couple of candles in different sizes. When lit, the reflections in the mirror are dramatic and elegant. Place some craft rose petals around the mirror with some placed on the mirror itself.

14. Another variation on the mirror theme is to set one single glass candleholder and candle in the center of the mirror and create a wreath of flowers and leaves around the candleholder. Your guests will be impressed with this combination of mirror, flower and candle arrangement.

15. Also, with the mirror tile as a start, it is always extremely elegant to simple place three long stem roses lying on the mirror, which have been tied together with a beautiful ribbon in the bridal colors. Place the flowers on an angle to create a dramatic look. It is a simple centerpiece to create if time is a consideration.

16.A glass vase filled with glass beads is always an attractive centerpiece. Using silk flowers it is easy to make an arrangement placing the flowers in the beads. Next tie a satin ribbon around the vase and scatter some rose petals around the vase.This is a traditional yet easy to make centerpiece.

17. Another easy to make and practical centerpiece for a country wedding or an outdoor wedding is to simple wrap some ribbon around the handle of baskets and tie bows at either end of the handle and one bow with a contrasting color in the middle. Next fill the basket with fresh fruits, vegetables, or herbs. It will be a real hit for all the guests who take home the centerpiece.

18. Another small table will be needed to be decorated to hold the unity candles.This table should be simple because the main significance of this table will be the candles. So simply put a tablecloth on it in the bridal colors and sprinkle some confetti across the table. A round accent table can be used for this purpose.

19.When two families are coming together to form one unit you will need the important decoration of the unity candles. These are usually three candles, one large pillar candle and two taper candles. The idea is for each the bride and gloom to light the taper candles then together light the large pillar candle signifying that the two families have become one. A piece of satin ribbon bow is placed on the large center candle in the bridal colors with the ribbon streaming down and falling onto the table. A small piece of ribbon is glued on the taper candles in the same color.

20. Another important part of this decoration, which can be added to this unity table, is the addition of the bride and grooms parents wedding picture. This tells all the guests looking at this table that the two families are now one.Some families will also want to include the grand parent's pictures as well. This is a nice touch telling everyone the value of family being united.

21. Most couples will agree that the most important decoration is the wedding cake. It is amazing how many variations there are to the wedding cake. Traditionally the cake was white with white frosting. Currently, the flavors and styles are unlimited. Frostings, for instance, can be vanilla but they can also be chocolate or strawberry or chocolate mousse, not to mention lemon chiffon, raspberry, mocha, carrot or whatever else you want. Shapes of cakes can be round or square with many tiers or one level. Fillings in each tier can be different, also in each layer of the tiers. Chocolate is mixed with strawberry and banana as well as chocolate Bavarian, and hazelnut and orange cream. No flavor is off limits from Apricot to Walnut. Cakes have become an elaborate showpiece.Many couples take home the top layer and freeze it for a one week or one month anniversary celebration of their wedding day.

22. The cake topper is also an important part of the decorations. This is usually some representation of a bride and groom. It can range from a plastic cake topper to an elaborate porcelain representation. The porcelain statue would not be placed on the cake itself but would be placed in a safe place on the table. If it has a monetary or sentimental value, keep a close eye on it if your reception is in a public place.

23. Besides the edible cake you can also create the traditional towel cakes as a decoration. Everybody has a relative or friend who has created these towel cakes as a wedding present and it has become a traditional decoration.My favorite way is to purchase two complete towel sets in a color that the wedded couple will need. One way to create the towel cake is to fold in all corners forming triangle points in the center of the towels. Next you begin rolling length wise, then creating the layers by rolling each folded towel into a circle and creating the tiers. It is then decorated with ribbon or flowers etc. Some directions call for the towels to be folded in half lengthwise and rolled and stacked into tiers and wrapped with satin ribbon and flowers.Usually a flower is placed on top but you can also place a traditional bakery bride and groom figure on this creation. Whatever way you do, it is correct. It always turns out to be an elegant and practical decoration that the bride and groom will appreciate.

When it comes to decorating for a wedding reception you can never go wrong. What pleases your eye is what's right for your special day. Your taste or style is what's important to create the wedding of your dreams.The one thing that is necessary is to plan ahead and start early creating your decorations and you will find that your have created masterpieces that attest to your good taste.

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