Wedding Reception Planning: Modern And Classic Father Daughter Song Ideas

Try to pick a song that parallels the relationship you have with your father.

When choosing a song for the father-daughter dance at your wedding, you find an infinite number of choices.Try to pick a song that parallels the relationship you have with your father, or one that echoes how you feel about your daughter. Here, you will find some classic songs that will warm your heart as well as a few modern day tearjerkers.

Classic Songs:

* "Unforgettable", originally sung by Nat King Cole, was more recently re-recorded as a duet by Natalie Cole and her late father.It will remind the bride and father of their unique bond, and how unforgettable each one is to the other.

* "The Way you Look Tonight", is a lighthearted classic song by Frank Sinatra that will express just how beautiful the bride looks to her father.

* "Day by Day", another song by Frank Sinatra is a good song for the father and daughter as it expresses the how much more the father loves his daughter day by day.

* "Sunrise, Sunset" from the musical "Fiddler on the Roof" is a father's expression of how quickly children grow up and get married.This song is popular in the Jewish culture and loved by people of many other cultures as well.

* Another appropriate song with an upbeat mood is "Thank Heaven for Little Girls".It is a short and sweet song from the musical "Gigi."

Modern songs

* "Butterfly Kisses", By Bob Carlisle, is a heart touching song guaranteed to leave no dry eyes it the room.It chronicles how a daughter has grown before the father's eyes from when she used to give him butterfly kisses to her wedding day.

* "Because You Loved Me", has been recorded as both a gospel song by various artists as well as a love song by Celine Dion.It talks of a relationship of love and protection.It is perfect for a father and daughter dance.

* "Can You Feel the Love Tonight", written by Elton John for the animated movie "The Lion King"; it talks about that first blush of new love.It will also remind the bride and father just how much they love each other.

* "Wind Beneath My Wings", by Bette Middler, is a song that thanks a loved one for allowing her to shine while always being in the background for support.This is a great song for a bride to choose to celebrate her father's sacrifices.

* "My Little Girl" is a song from the father's perspective about how a father feels as he dances his last dance with his little girl, and his first dance with her as a grown woman.It was written by Gloria Sklerov and Barbara Rothstein.

* The song "Father and Daughter" by Paul Simon from the animated movie The Wild Thornberries is a heart touching song about a fathers promises to his daughter to stand by her and expressing that no one has ever loved a daughter as much as he loves his.

* "Lullaby" by Billy Joel is not exactly a wedding song, it is a great song all the same for the bride and her father as it is the last chance at a Lullaby.

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