Wedding: Shots Your Photographer Won't Want To Miss

Here is a checklist of photographic opportunities you will want to discuss with your wedding photographer.

When planning for your wedding, you researched, interviewed and chose your florist, your baker, your caterer and your photographer. Most people will say that, without a doubt, the most important person on that list is your photographer. Sure, you may think back on your wedding one day and say to yourself, "Man, that Italian cream cake was delicious!" But, more than likely, when you think back to that special day, you will be going through your photo album, laughing at your Uncle John dancing to rap music or getting nostalgic over the photos of your first kiss as man and wife. Even though you are satisfied with your choice of photographer, you may want to provide your photographer with a list of photo opportunities that you do not want him/her to miss. Of course, while you do not want to have every single little specific moment listed, you will want to let him/her know those moments that will mean a lot to you. Here is a checklist of some essential photos you may want to make sure your photographer captures.

Before the Wedding

* Bride and bridesmaids arriving at ceremony site before getting dressed

* Wedding dress on a hanger and fine details of the wedding dress

* Bride getting zipped up in her dress

* Bride, bridesmaids and mothers getting dressed and getting hair and makeup done

* Bride with her something old, something new, something borrowed and something blue

* Bride's mother helping her with her jewelry

* Close up of bride wearing her garter belt

* Bride handing maid or matron of honor the wedding ring for her to hold

* Groom and groomsmen arriving at ceremony site

* Groom, groomsmen and fathers getting ready in dressing room

* Father of groom helping the groom straighten his tie or bow tie

During the Wedding

* Guests entering church or site of ceremony

* Groom standing by altar as he waits for his bride

* Bride and father hugging before he walks her down the aisle

* Groomsmen and bridesmaids walking down aisle

* Parents of bride and groom walking down aisle

* Grandparents of bride and groom being seated

* Flower girl and ring bearer making their way down the aisle

* Father of bride and bride finally making their way down the aisle

* Reaction of guests as bride walks down aisle

* Groom when he first sees his bride coming down the aisle

* Father of bride giving the bride away

* Bride and grooms holding hands during ceremony

* Bride and groom stealing glances at each other during ceremony

* Bride saying her vows and groom's reaction

* Groom saying his vows and bride's reaction

* Exchanging of the rings

* Bride and groom's first kiss

* Bride and groom turning to the audience for first time as man and wife

* Bride and groom walking down aisle

* Bride and groom making their exit out of ceremony site in a rain of rice or birdseed or butterflies

* Congratulations to new couple from guests

* Exit into the getaway car

* Getaway car as it is driving off

Photos of Couple, Wedding Party, Family

Make a list of each of the special photos you will want aside from the regular posed shots. For example, if you have an aunt who practically raised you, make sure you tell your photographer that you want a special photo with her. Give your list to the photographer before the ceremony, so he/she knows who to look for and ask to stay behind.

* Bride and groom

* Bride and groom with bride's family

* Bride and groom with groom's family

* Bride with bridesmaids

* Groom with groomsmen

* Entire wedding party

* Bride with groomsmen

* Groom with bridesmaids

* Bride and groom with both families

Reception Photos

* Entrance of bride and groom into reception site

* Closeup of Wedding cake

* Closeup of Groom's cake

* Empty table with centerpiece

* Guest signing guest book

* Bride and groom greeting and talking to guests

* First dance between bride and groom

* Bride dancing with father

* Groom dancing with mother

* A full dance floor

* Cutting of the cake

* Feeding of the cake to each other

* All toasts (best man, maid of honor, groom, bride)

* Bride throwing her bouquet to single women

* Groom taking bride's garter off

* Groom throwing garter to single men

* Bride and groom leaving reception site

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