Wedding Showers

If you are giving a shower and you know your friend needs certain items, plan the shower with that theme in mind.

Wedding showers have increased not only in popularity, but also in scale over the past few decades.They are frequently lavish parties that not only allow everyone to relax before the wedding, but also give friends and extended family members a chance to get to know each other.

Showers are also a great opportunity for the new couple to receive terrific gifts that will give them a head start in their new life together. Having a theme shower is a good way to make the party interesting, and it is also a good way to help the new couple get stocked up on items they will need for their new home.

Let your guests know in advance that you are planning a theme shower.Include such details in your invitations, so they can select appropriate gifts.

Here are some examples:

Stock the Kitchen

Aside from typical wedding gifts such as small appliances like a coffee maker or a toaster, ask guests to bring an extra item that the new bride will need for her kitchen, such as cooking utensils, kitchen towels, pot pot-holdersholders, a cool kitchen gadget, or even a can of cooking spray.Make sure the guests are aware of the color scheme so they can choose items that will coordinate.

Fancy spices, flavored oils and vinegars, and flavored coffees and teas in attractive packages make nice gifts, and so do cookbooks or recipe card collections.For a personal touch, the mother or mother-in-law to be may want to put together a personal recipe collection for the bride.A gift certificate for $100.00 worth of groceries at a local supermarket is also a well-received gift.

All the games, as well as the prizes, should revolve around the theme.For example, you might want to play a kitchen trivia game.Come up with a bunch of kitchen trivia questions about appliances or kitchen design.Whoever gets the most questions right wins a small, kitchen related prize.

Stock the Bathroom

Soft towels, bath salts, body lotions, scented soaps, and decorative items make nice gifts.Again, remember to make sure your guests know the appropriate colors.

The stock the bathroom theme is a lot of fun, but it can get a little wild.While the new couple will usually end up with some nice toiletries, and bathroom accessories, they will usually also wind up with a few funky gifts, such as toilet paper printed to look like $100.00 bills and other novelty items.

Stock the Bar

Stock the bar is also a popular theme.Some people will give very nice bottles of wine or liqueur, and others will give hard liquor such as vodka, rum or gin.Drink mixes and barware are fun gifts, and there are many different varieties of glasses, accessories, and drink making kits available.

Other ideas include a martini kit complete with a bottle of olives, margarita mix with salt in a container designed for salting glasses, or a bartending book filled with exotic drink recipes.

For those who would like to give something a little more upscale, a wine rack, an ice bucket, or a drink blender are nice ideas.

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