Wedding Tips: Managing Bridal Shower, Engagement Party, And Wedding Gift Registries

Learns tips on managing bridal showers, engagement parties, and wedding gift registries.

Getting married is an event that symbolizes love and commitment and should be relaxing and fun.However, many people who plan different aspects of a wedding can become stressed and overwhelmed with to do lists and minor problems.In order to take away from the stress of some aspects, you can take some tips about managing the bridal shower, the engagement party, and the wedding gift registry.

The bridal shower is a time to look forward to when you are the bride.Some brides prefer to plan the shower themselves, while others like to leave it up to the maid of honor and the bridesmaids.No matter which way is decided, the planner of the bridal shower can cut down on time and stress by doing certain things to enhance the outcome of a successful bridal shower.

The first thing to be accomplished when managing a bridal shower is to make certain decisions right away.Sit down with the people who are helping plan the shower.This could include all the bridesmaids, the maid of honor, the mother of the bride, and even the bride.Discuss important details about the bridal shower and take notes to make sure that you get all the decisions down correctly.Things that should be discussed at this sit down should be the date of the shower, the location of the shower, the number of guests to invite, the time of day the bridal shower will take place, and the length of the shower.Once these details are decided, you can move on to other important details.

The location is important when having a bridal shower.If the location will be a venue that is a particular size or that needs reservations, make sure to get the reservations as soon as possible to ensure the shower location.To save money, many bridal showers will be held at the home of the bride, the mother of the bride, or a family member with a large living room or kitchen area.If it is summer or springtime, the shower could also be held outside in a backyard.Once the location is decided, it is important to choose the date and time for the bridal shower.

Decide a date that is close to the date of the wedding, but leaves enough time so the bride and everyone involved in the wedding is not stressing about too many things all at once.This could be a few weeks or even a month or two before the actual date of the wedding.The time of day should be decided on how long the shower plans to last and whether any food will be served.If you do not want to serve a full meal, you can start the shower at 1:00 P.M. and have it only last a few hours.If you decided to end the shower around 4:00 P.M. then you could serve light finger foods and beverages that were more like snacks then full meals.This also helps to take away from a really lengthy bridal shower.

Once you have decided all this, you can move on to sending out invitations.In order to know who to send the invitations to, you can ask the bride who she wants to come and also talk to the mother of the bride who is usually great about a list of people to invite.Make sure that the invitations are clear and ask for an RSVP by a certain date ahead of time.This will make it easier to plan on how much food, beverage, and space will be needed on the day of the shower.Then just send out the invitations and you are done until the day arrives.

When planning an engagement party, it is important to keep in mind what it is that the bride and groom want.Usually the party is smaller than the actual list of people that will be invited to the wedding.The party can be formal or informal, and the food and beverages should match the formality of the party.

Once again, decide the location, date, time, and number of guests.If you plan to have a more formal dinner type party, then make sure to include that in the invitations.If the party is more of an informal get together with buffet style finger foods and dancing, also make sure to include that in the invitations.You can send out the invitations to the people that you want to attend the engagement party, and make sure to ask for an RSVP so the number of guests can be anticipated when the food is being prepared.

In order to take some stress off of the people involved in the planning of the party, you may choose a location that caters and also has beverages available for the guests.This will allow more time for the planners to deal with other details of the party and also enjoy themselves at the actual party.In any case, it is likely and important to make sure that it is not just one person making the plans for the party.It is always good to have helpers to reduce stress and increase ideas about how the party should go.

Wedding gift registries can be a great way to help your guests choose a gift for your wedding, but they can also be very stressful if they are not approached in a fun way.The bride and groom should do the wedding gift registries together, and they can save time by sitting down together before going out to do the registries.Sitting down together can help the bride and groom decide where they want to do gift registries and what items they are agreeing on registering for.This can be seen as a plan that is made before going into the stores and can reduce the amount of time it takes to complete the task.

Most stores have ways that registries can be made easy by taking a hand held device and scanning the items.Then the items will go on the registry under the names of the bride and groom.Registries can also be done online through some stores.The bride and groom can simply go online and sit at the computer and add items to the registry.This can be a nice way to spend time together at home.

Once the registries are completed, a list should be made of all the places that the bride and groom registered.The list should be sent with all the wedding invitations along with the information or name that the registry will be listed under in each store.This can definitely help to cut down on duplicate gifts or gifts that are not quite practical.

With the tips that are included here, it is hoped that these aspects of a wedding can become less stressful for everyone involved.Weddings are meant to be fun and full of happiness, so cut down the stress with these great tips.

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