Weddings: Bride's Emergency Kit

To help the bride prepare for those small emergencies on her wedding day, create an emergency wedding kit for her using this checklist.

It is almost an unwritten rule that emergencies happen when you least expect them and when you are least prepared to handle them. On your wedding day, you will feel as if you are being pulled in hundreds of different directions. The caterer will come to you asking if wheat or white rolls would be more suitable. The florist will want you to okay the centerpieces. The photographer will be asking you to look his way to take a picture. Meanwhile, you still have to get ready and make yourself look radiant for your walk down the aisle. Be prepared for any minor emergency that may happen on the day of your wedding with a bride's emergency wedding kit. Here is a checklist of items you will want to include in your own kit.

* It is not uncommon to leave the salon with your hair done perfectly only to arrive at the site of the ceremony or reception and realize it has come undone or has begun to frizz up. The same thing will go for your makeup. If you have somebody else do it, it is inevitable that you will find some flaw with it upon further inspection while you are getting dressed for your big day. Be sure to pack along all of your normal makeup (compact, foundation, eye shadow, lipstick, eyeliner, blush), as well as some hair care products like a brush, bobby pins, hair gel and hair spray.

* On your wedding day, you will find yourself running around constantly trying to attend to everybody, so you may tend to get a little sweaty. Be sure to pack some extra deodorant and your favorite perfume to help freshen up between the ceremony and reception.

* If you have had your nails done, or even if you have done them yourself, include your nail polish, nail polish remover and a nail file in case you happen to break or scratch off the color of one of your nails.

* With all the hustle and bustle of the big day, you could easily find yourself in the throes of an early headache. Be sure to bring along some pain medication like aspirin or ibuprofen.

* Before the wedding begins, you may find that you have an hour or two to spare once you have finished getting dressed. To stop the hunger pangs, pack some healthy snacks (fruit and pretzels) and bottled water to munch on and drink in the dressing room.

* On the day of your wedding, you need to be prepared for you first kiss as man and wife and a lot of close dancing, so don't forget to pack some breath mints and a travel toothbrush and toothpaste to freshen up between the ceremony and reception.

* For those minor sewing emergencies, remember to pack a small sewing kit and some safety pins.

* Especially if you have several bridesmaids, you will want to include some tampons and sanitary pads in your emergency kit along with some band aids for any minor scrapes or cuts anybody gets.

* No doubt somebody, probably your mother or mother-in-law or maybe even yourself, will begin crying while you are getting ready, so pack plenty of face tissue.

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