Weddings: Groom's Emergency Kit

It is customary for the bride to be given an emergency kit on the day of her wedding, but what about the groom? Here is a checklist of items to include in the groom's emergency kit.

If you have ever been involved in a wedding as either the groom or bride or as a member of the wedding party, then you can probably agree that there is so much going on at any given moment during the big day that it is hard to stop for a moment to simply catch your breath. The few hours before the actual ceremony when the wedding party is getting dressed and ready are like the calm before the storm, until somebody realizes they forgot to bring deodorant and then everybody starts to scramble around. If you are one of the groomsmen or ushers, why not put together an emergency kit of such items for the groom and other groomsmen? Here is a checklist of items you may want to include in this kit.

* The chances of somebody not having a clean shave the day of the wedding are high. For this reason, put a few new disposable razors and a small travel can of shaving cream or gel in the kit. Some of the hairier groomsmen who grow a 5 o'clock shadow by noon may want to do a quick touch up an hour or two before the ceremony.

* There seems to be some kind of law that states that on the more important days of your life, you will forget to put deodorant on in the morning. A small stick of deodorant will go a long way and will be essential for the already nervous groom.

* It seems that the groomsmen get ready much faster than the bridesmaids, so, needless to say, there will probably be a lot of downtime to unwind and relax. Put a few magazines or crossword puzzle books in the emergency kit so the groomsmen don't get antsy. If you can, bring along your radio and any favorite CDs, so the room doesn't get too quiet.

* A pair of trimming scissors will be great for those hairs that don't fall in place like they should or for groomsmen to trim their mustaches or beards.

* Since you will have so much downtime, put a tube of toothpaste and a few inexpensive toothbrushes in the kit so the groom and his men can freshen up before the ceremony and reception. Some gum or breath mints will also work just as well.

* Be sure to include an assortment of hair products, including hair gel, hairspray and possibly a blow dryer for those last minute hair touch ups.

* If a button is going to pop off or a hem is going to come loose, it will happen on a wedding day, so bring a small sewing kit complete with needle and thread.

* Granted, there will probably not be as much crying in the groom's dressing room as there will be in the bride's dressing room, but you might want to include a small handkerchief in the emergency kit, just in case.

* For the emergency manicure, bring along a pair of nail clippers.

* If the heater or air conditioner is on too high in the dressing rooms, eyes can easily dry out, so include some eye drops in the kit, too.

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