Weddings: What To Look For In A Florist

When choosing your florist for your wedding, here are some things to keep in mind and some questions you may want to ask.

When you first start planning your wedding, there is so much to take into consideration. The budget must be established first and foremost to determine how much can be spent on the different vendors, from the caterer to the photographer. Guest lists need to be established, invitations need to be ordered and vendors need to be researched. Six months before the wedding, you will want to start researching your florist options. Ask for referrals from friends and family members who have recently been married or look online in wedding chat rooms to find out what recommendations these brides may have. Approximately four months before the wedding, you will want to have booked your florist, so here are some items to keep in mind and questions you may want to ask when researching and choosing a florist.

* The first thing you will want to do when meeting with a florist is to see photos of their most recent weddings. This will help you determine if your styles will mesh. You may want to have acontemporary wedding, complete with exotic flower arrangements in modern designs. If you peruse a florist's portfolio and only see red roses for every arrangement and bouquet, you can be pretty sure that he/she is a bit more traditional than you are looking for. When you are looking through the portfolio, what you want to see is variety or whether or not a florist is willing to try different designs using different types of flowers.

* If the florist you are meeting with has a limited portfolio or if the portfolio seems to showcase only one particular style, that does not necessarily mean that you and your partner need to walk out right then and there. Talk to the florist about the style of bouquet you have been thinking about and the types of flower arrangements and centerpieces you are looking for. He/she may simply have limited experience but may jump at the chance to try new designs and work with your particular style. You want a florist who is willing to work with you and satisfy the designs you have in mind. Stay away from any florist who does not listen to your opinions or overrides any ideas you may have.

* Depending on the florist you visit and the types of bouquets and decorations you want, the flower expense can easily grow to be a large one. Before stepping foot in a florist's shop, determine how much you are willing to spend on flowers. Choose a florist who is willing to work within your budget and who offers ideas on ways you can stretch your budget (i.e. using a mix of fresh and silk flowers).

* Once a florist has quoted you a price for their work, be sure to inquire about any hidden charges that may apply. For example, many florists will charge separate fees for delivery and set up. Ask your florist for the total cost, given the day of the wedding and the location of the venue.

* Find out if your florist rents out certain types of pieces like flower baskets and vases, or if that is included within the price. You may get some type of discount if you buy not only the bouquets and decorations from the florist, but rent equipment from him/her, too.

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