Weight Loss Tips: Cheap Home Workouts

From your head to your feet, this article will provide a variety of cost efficient workouts anyone can do in and around his or her home.

You're out of shape, you're overweight and you don't have a lot of extra money in order to join a health club.Have no fear.Working out does not have to be expensive, it doesn't have to take up a lot of time, and you never even have to leave your house to do it.So put aside the excuses and be prepared to get moving and get in shape.From your head to your feet, this article will provide a variety of cost efficient workouts anyone can do in and around his or her home.

The most effective form of exercise consists of any cardiovascular activity.Luckily, cardio can be performed quite cheaply.In fact, you can do it for no money at all.No better or cheaper cardio workout exists than running or walking through your neighborhood.If you don't want to leave the house or can't leave the house, try sprinting up and down a staircase.If you don't have a staircase, buy a jump rope and jump in place.No matter what, cardio must be included in any exercise routine in order to lose noticeable weight.

One of the most popular pieces of exercise equipment at fitness centers is an exercise ball.You can add one to your own home gym for around twenty dollars.Primarily used for sit- ups, exercise balls have proven to be the most effective method for toning abdominal muscles.Because they offer more stability than the floor or a bench, these balls allow for the most perfect crunch.To make the exercise a little harder, hold a dumbbell in between both hands and perform the crutches that way.Along with sit-ups, push-ups can also be done on an exercise ball.Get in a normal push-up position and then place the ball under your legs and cross your feet.Expect this to be difficult, but like the sit-ups, you'll get used to it the more you do it.

With the money you'd spend for a month at the gym (about $30 to $40 bucks), you can invest in a good set of hand weights you can use at home.A variety of muscle-building exercises can be performed using these weights.For your arms, try bicep curls, extend the dumbbell over your head to work your triceps, hold a weight in each hand and squat down to target your upper legs, or do lunges up and down a hallway to tone the back of your legs.

The amount of exercises you can do with free weights never seems to end.Create your own or get more ideas from fitness magazines or tapes.The most important keys to remember when lifting weights are to take your repetitions slowly (quality not quantity matters most) and to increase the amount of weight once the repetitions become easy.You won't see consistent results if you don't push yourself.

Cardio helps you lose pounds.Weight lifting tones muscles and builds strength.Once your cardio routine has been established, mix in weights to add contrast.If time permits, lift weights two to three days a week and do cardio three to four times a week.Don't worry if you can't spend five to six days a week doing some sort of exercise.Doing cardio and weights on the same day would be fine, but try and switch it up a little.Run or walk one day and then jump rope the next day.Varying your routine ensures that you will maximize your results.

Working out does not have to be an expensive activity.Some exercises like running and walking cost no money at all.Exercise balls and free weights serve as excellent pieces of equipment to have in your home gym, while not costing you an arm and a leg.If you have a hard time getting motivated, try exercising to a video.Plenty of effective videos exist that focus directly on cardio routines, weight training or certain parts of the body like abs or arms.For something a little different than your normal workout routine, try a yoga or pilates video you can purchase for ten dollars.Regardless, make yourself find the time to get in some sort of exercise at least two to three times a week.Working out doesn't even have to take more than 20 to 30 minutes.You'll get in great shape in no time without ever leaving your home and without spending a fortune to do so.

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