Your Weight On Other Planets

Figure out what you would weigh on other planets and the moon. What would you weigh on the moon? Mars? Jupiter? Pluto? Find out here.

Planning a trip to another planet? Or do you just want to learn about gravity and weight? This article will tell you how to calculate your weight on other planets. Beware that some calculations will make you feel thin and other will make you feel fat! Of course remember that if you moved to Mercury and were light then everything else would weigh less too and that 100 LB weight bar will be just as hard to lift. It is all relative.

The first step is to find you earthly weight. Go step on a scale - and tell the truth! Now get a calculator (open the one in your accessories on you computer if you have one).

Let's prepare to visit Mercury, the planet closest to the sun. Make sure you wear your sunscreen. Really, you would just burn to bits - but let's calculate what you would weigh if you stepped on a scale there. Take your weight and multiply it by 0.378. The resulting answer is your weight on Mercury. For example let's say I weigh 200 pounds. I multiple 200 by 0.378 and get a result of 75.6 pounds. Your turn.

My weight_________*0.378=__________ on Mercury.

Let's travel in one more planet so we are between Mercury and Earth. Welcome to Venus! Venus and Earth have similar gravities so you will weigh almost the same there. Here we will take your weight and multiply it by 0.907. For example I would take my 200 pounds and multiply it by 0.907 and get a result of 181.4 pounds. Your turn.

My weight__________*0.907=__________on Venus.

The next planet going in is our home planet of Earth. You have already calculated your weight here at home. But what if you went to Earth's moon? Surely you have seen pictures of American astronauts jumping on the moon. It is obvious there is less gravity. I wonder what you would weigh. Let's see about me. 200 pounds times 0.166 gives me a weight of 33.2 pounds. Watch out - I'm flying! Your turn.

My weight_______*0.166=____________on Earth's moon.

Let's leave Earth and take a stop on the red planet, Mars. Mars and Mercury have very similar gravities so you will weigh pretty much the same. Let's figure it out. If I was 200 pounds and multiplied it by .377 I would weigh 75.4 pounds on Mars. Your turn.

My weight_______*0.377=_________on Mars.

After Mars we will make a stop on Jupiter. Jupiter is where you will feel the heaviest. Put down that doughnut or that cookie. On Jupiter we will times our weight by 2.36. I would be 200*2.36 and would weigh 472 pounds. Boy I must have ate too much on that spaceship. (I really don't weigh any more - I just feel that way because of the gravity).

We still have Saturn, Uranus, Neptune, and Pluto to go. Here are the formula's - I'm sure you have the hang of it by now.

My weight _________*0.916 on Saturn.

My weight__________*0.889 on Uranus.

My weight__________*1.12 on Neptune.

My weight__________*0.059 on Pluto. Isn't Pluto great?

I hope you had fun on your weight gains and losses to other planets. Pass this on to a friend (or turn it into a teacher for extra credit!)

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