Welcome Baskets For New Apartment Tenants

Many new apartment tenants are greeted with 'welcome baskets' from their landlords or apartment managers. Such baskets make wonderful gifts, as well as create a positive atmosphere. Here's how to make one of your own.

Finding an apartment that fits your budget and lifestyle can be a cold and lonely prospect when you are new to the area. You already have the aggravations that come with the moving process, now you must deal with security deposits, leases, utility hookups and school registrations for the children. On top of all this, you must also be ready to perform your job for the employer who brought you to this new city in the first place. What you wouldn't give for just a little sign of humanity in the midst of all this chaos?

Fortunately, some thoughtful landlords and apartment managers have found the most appropriate gift to ease the pains of moving. You may find it in your new apartment, or receive it at the time you sign your lease, but it may make all the difference in the world. It is the 'welcome basket'. Filled with an assortment of useful gift items, the welcome basket for new tenants can be the first and best impression you can offer as a landlord or apartment manager. Here's how to create such a wonderful and thoughtful gift.

First of all, consider what sort of small items you would want to have on hand when first moving into an apartment. Cleaning supplies are always a good idea, so you may want to include some dishwashing detergent or some powdered cleansers in your basket. If you provide an automatic dishwasher, you may want to include a supply of the special soap it requires. Along with the cleaning supplies, you may also want to include sponges or other applicators. These items not only serve a useful purpose for the tenants, they also encourage proper maintenance of your equipment.

You might also consider including snack items in your welcoming basket. Small cans of potato chips or other snack items may come in very handy for the tenant who hasn't had time to eat yet. You might also include small boxes of cereal, for those new tenants with children. Juice or drink boxes may also be a welcome sight for children. Adults may appreciate a cola or two. Candy should be offered sparingly, but a good gourmet chocolate bar or other elegant confection makes a tasteful addition. Unless you are certain that your gift would be well received, alcoholic beverages should not be part of the basket. A separate gift of champagne or wine may be appropriate later, but you'll want to keep the basket family-friendly.

You may also consider such useful items as cutting boards or kitchen utensils. Flowers also make an interesting offering, or small picture frames. Toiletry items such as Kleenex or bathroom tissue may also be handy items to pack in a welcoming basket.

Finally, you may want to include information about the area to new tenants. If you can obtain a city map, include it in your basket. Find valid coupons to various restaurants, or a shopper's guide to the area. Include a list of emergency numbers, including fire, police and the nearest hospital. Listings of area physicians are especially helpful, as well as information on the local school system. You may even consider a trial subscription to the local newspaper in your tenant's name. Information is a precious commodity when dealing with a new environment.

Your welcoming basket can be the positive link that a new tenant needs to feel comfortable in a time of chaos and uncertainty.

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