What's The Cost Of Wind Energy?

What's the cost of wind energy? Per plant, wind power is more expensive, but per kilowatt hour, wind energy is more cost efficient than natural gas. It differs per plant, so it is hard to give an overall...

It differs per plant, so it is hard to give an overall number. We have heard examples of plants in Texas it can be less expensive than five cents per kilowatt hour. It also changes depending on fuel prices, etc., but coal is probably less than three cents per kilowatt hour or something like that. Natural gas is probably three to five cents per kilowatt hour depending on the price of the natural gas. And it also depends on how well the distribution system is working and things like that. When you hear nuclear electricity prices coded, sometimes people are just talking about the cost to run the plant and if you are just talking about those costs, it is really pretty low, you know, under three cents per kilowatt hour. If you are talking about the total cost to build the plant and everything involved, it can get higher.

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