What's A Good Acting Headshot?

What's a good acting headshot? Learn what makes a great actor's headshot. Also learn about photo sessions and pricing. A good acting head shot is not busy, it is very simple. The eyes pop out, a lot of...

A good acting head shot is not busy, it is very simple. The eyes pop out, a lot of presence. To find a good photographer you want to check out their work and see what they have done. Get online and look for head shot photographers, look in the trades, go and see. There are a lot of decent photographers that don't charge a lot of money. You don't have to spend a thousand dollars on a head shot. The average is about three hundred and fifty to four hundred dollars for a photo session. It really comes down to seeing their work. A good idea is checking with the casting people. Talk to them and if they say you are better looking than your picture you might ask if they know any good photographers. To find a photographer you need to find out how they shoot. Is it a hundred dollars a role? Is it a five role shoot at seventy-five dollars a role? Is there a make-up artist there to help the women with their hair and their skin? The guys don't usually need help with that, just some touch-up work before they do the pictures.

Q:You said about four hundred dollars, are the prints included with that?

A lot of times the photographer will hold on to the rolls, but for about seventy-five dollars they will sometimes give you the negatives. It is hard to say. A lot of digital is going on now so it is hard to say.

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