White Flowers For Wedding Bouquets And Corsages

Consult this article to choose the very best white flowers for your wedding bouquet and corsages. Also included are ideas for blooms to compliment the flowers you choose.

One of the most important accessories for a wedding is the bridal bouquet. Corsages are also a significant supplementary part of a wedding celebration. Choosing flowers that will best express your unique personality and style is important. Whether you are making your own wedding bouquet and corsages or buying them from a professional florist, searching for the perfect flowers in advance will make the selection process much simpler when you are ready to make a final decision.

Many people choose white as the predominant color in their wedding bouquet and for their attendants' corsages. White is symbolic of purity, and it is a wonderful selection for wedding flowers. If you decide to go with a professional florist for your flowers, they can show you pictures of different varieties and offer suggestions for bouquets and corsages containing white blooms. Some flowers are quite fragrant, while others don't have an odor at all. Many are simply just beautiful works of art for our eyes to behold.

One variety of white flowers that you might consider using in your wedding bouquet and for attendants' corsages is the ever-popular poppy. Poppies make wonderful cut flowers and are long lasting in a bouquet. They boast crinkly delicate petals, and they are perfect size for a corsage or as part of a bridal bouquet. There are many different varieties to choose from, and their cheerful light-green centers are surrounded by small delicate yellow stamen. These showy flowers are surrounded by serrated fern-like leaves or a beautiful basal rosette.

Consider choosing a smaller colorful flower to use along with white poppies in a bridal bouquet or in a corsage. Blue, pink, or lavender forget-me-nots are a fantastic choice. Their colors are unlike any other flowers found in nature, and they compliment white poppies very nicely. Blue forget-me-nots are a beautiful sky-blue color topped with a perfect yellow dot in the center of each bloom. These are the most popular choice because of their uniquely intense blue color. They are also the most recognizable hue when thinking of the forget-me-not.

Another white flower to consider for your wedding bouquet and corsages is the salpiglossis. Despite its name, it's a very beautiful flower that boasts velvety funnel-shaped blooms. Their exotic and breathtaking beauty is sure to make the most stunning wedding bouquet and corsages.

You might want to consider complimenting the white color of salpiglossis with smaller flowers such as colored baby's breath or tiny pastel colored roses. Small fragrant roses would make a stunning bouquet, and a white salpiglossis flanked by two small pastel colored roses would make a very striking corsage.

White bellflowers make beautiful wedding bouquets and corsages. They are synonymous with summer, and they would be perfect for a summer wedding. There are several species to choose from, some with clusters of flowers and others bearing one single but striking bloom.

Bellflowers would be best complimented with sprigs of pastel colored baby's breath or small bunches of blue brunnera, which is very similar to blue forget-me-nots. This exquisite flower boasts unique heart-shaped foliage which would be perfect when used in a wedding bouquet or for wedding corsages.

A well-know white flower to consider for a wedding bouquet or corsage is the ever-popular chrysanthemum. There are many varieties of chrysanthemum, and all make wonderful wedding bouquets and corsages. Some types of chrysanthemums to consider are painted daisies, Shasta daisies, and the beloved fall mum. These are perfect for a fall wedding celebration.

White chrysanthemums go well with small colored asters, colorful baby's breath, or beautifully vibrant shades of yarrow infused with small fern branches.

Consult a gardener's guide for photos of specific flowers. The flowers you choose for your wedding will make an everlasting impression on guests, but most of all they will be an important part of your celebration. They'll be forever captured in pictures, and they will symbolize the perfection of the love you share as a married couple.

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