Wicker Baskets

Article discusses uses for wicker baskets in various rooms in the home for storage and organized decor.

The wonders of wicker baskets seem never to cease! Lightweight and portable, wicker baskets are great storage items. Relatively inexpensive, depending on size and where purchased, that are great for every room in the home.

While many wicker baskets are round, some are more boxy or rectangular, offering more storage solutions. And while many homeowners regularly use wicker baskets for displaying floral arrangements, there are many other creative uses for wicker baskets. Re-discover the wonders of wicker by using baskets in the following ways throughout your home.

Bathroom Basics. Small and medium-sized wicker baskets are great for holding specialty soaps and guest hand towels. They are neat ideas for keeping potpourri out of the reach of inquisitive kids, while also serving as storage bins for extra rolls of toilet paper and boxes or facial tissue. Placed on high shelves, wicker baskets can also help in providing extra space for health and beauty aids, including make-up, petroleum jelly and other ointments and men's and women's shavers.

Bedroom Bounty. Wicker baskets can be used in diverse ways in adult and children's bedrooms. In adult bedrooms, small wicker baskets nicely display jewelry and perfume. Alternatively, larger baskets make wonderful sewing kits, providing a one-stop sewing center for thread, needles, stray buttons and other items. Use wicker baskets in kids' rooms to hold facial tissue, small toys and school supplies, including pencils, crayons and glue sticks. If used in kids' rooms, check often to make sure the wicker is still intact, to help reduce the chance of scratches and other injuries to children.

Neater Nursery. Wicker baskets are great catch-alls for the nursery. Use various size baskets to keep washcloths, first aid supplies, diapers and other baby items handy.

Decorous Dining. In the dining room, use wicker basket to beautifully display floral arrangements, fruit and shelled nuts. For holidays and special family occasions, a wicker basket can easily transform a table by serving as a holder for fancy napkins or dinner rolls.

Family Fun. In the family room or den, a wicker basket can hold small games, playing or flash cards, balls (and other stray toys) even the TV remote and television program listing. Use larger baskets for holding magazines and other papers that, inevitably, seem to wind up in the family room.

Kitchen Korner. The wonders of wicker in the kitchen are numerous. Use wicker baskets for holding potholders, utensils and bread. Wicker is also a neat solution for storage miscellaneous tools that somehow always end up in the kitchen.

Office Options. Keep your home office neat, by using wicker to hold stamps, envelops, desk supplies (including small memo pads and business cards) and extra cartridges for electronic typewriters and inkjet printers.

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