Wicker Furniture Cleaning Tips

Wicker furniture cleaning tips. Wicker furniture beleive it or not is not recommended for contineous outdoor use. Here's how to keep it looking new even outdoors.

Wicker furniture is used inside the home to make rooms special and charming, it is also used outside of our homes on porches and patios. Wicker is not actually outdoor furniture, although it is used for this purpose, it can be effected by the wind and rain and is specifically impacted by moisture. Some humidity is beneficial; the heat that is consistent indoors will dry out the wicker inside the home. You will notice this fact when you hear the little ¡§cracking¡¨ sounds when you set on your furniture. Add the moisture needed by wiping occasionally with a damp cloth.

Do not forget to systematically dust your wicker by wiping with a soft cloth, or vacuum. To remove spills and stains, use a mild dish washing liquid, 1 tablespoon per gallon of water, wring somewhat dry and wipe gently.

Regular cleaning should be done, perhaps every few weeks to keep your furniture looking good. Vacuum the dust from the wicker or hand dust, then wash with the suds only of a mixture of gentle detergent and warm water. Using clear water rinse by wiping off cleansing suds.

Clean furniture that is all wicker thoroughly at least annually. If it is painted it should not be saturated with water, this could cause damage to the paint, and simply clean with mild soapy water and a sponge that is not dripping wet. If the wicker has real wood built into the unit, clean with the normal method for cleaning wood furniture, and wipe the wicker part, down with mild soap, water, and a sponge.

- First dust the wicker by hand or by using a vacuum, being careful to remove all abrasive soil.

- Using slightly warm scarcely soapy water, and a sponge or cloth to wash entire piece. To clean every crevice, us a soft bristled brush.

- Rinse completely, and place in sun to dry fully. A fan may be used or perhaps a hair drier, however make sure the furniture is totally dry.

Setting on your wicker furniture before it is completely dry will cause a distortion in shape. Do not allow any pressure for at least a few days after you are certain it is dry.

Using a varnish or lacquer finish or painting the wicker furniture, can alleviate the washing and cleaning process by a great degree. After applying the surface paint or varnish the furniture needs several days of drying.

You must be thinking by now, have I made the right choice with wicker, it takes so much of my effort to keep in good shape? Personally, I think your choice is a good one, where else can you match the airy, rustic and beautiful look of wicker?

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