Wild Bird Feeders For Kids To Make

Easy bird feeders your kids can make to help learn about nature.

Kids love to look at and learn about wildlife, and one you can help them do this is by encouraging them to help take care of the wildlife they see. A simple way of encouraging this is to have them make bird feeders for the yard so they can watch as birds come to your home to eat. There are many simple feeders to make.

Pine Cone Feeder

Probably the most simple bird feeder is the pine cone feeder. All you need is a pine cone and some string plus the food you will use. Tie the string to the top of the pine cone, make sure it is tied tight - you don't want it to fall when a bird lands on it. You can then cover the pine cone in different kinds of food for the birds. You can use plain peanut butter to cover the cone, or put the peanut butter on and then roll the cone in bird seed so it sticks to the peanut butter. You can also spread suet all over the pine cone and either leave it plain or roll it in bird seed.

Ground Feeder

Some birds, such as mourning doves, do not like to sit on small little feeders and prefer feeders on the ground. These are easily made by using a tray or aluminum pie plate filled with seed. Cracked corn is a good type of seed for these feeders as it helps weigh them down so they don't blow away.

String Feeders.

Using some thread and a needle, you can make many different kinds of feeders. Always make sure to double up the thread to keep it strong. Then you can string popcorn, cranberries, raisins, and even bread cubes. Make a nice long string of food and then wrap it around tree branches, or through bushes or around a railing.

Plastic Pop Bottle or Milk Carton Feeders.

This is also a good way to recycle. Take the pop bottle or milk carton and punch two holes through the top of it. Run a string through the holes and tie the ends together to use as a hanger for your feeder. Next, carefully cut out the front of the bottle. Make sure you start cutting a few inches up from the bottom of the bottle and go toward the top. You need to leave enough of a base to be able to fill your feeder. Make sure the opening is big enough for the birds to reach inside, but not so big that the food falls out too easily.

With any kind of feeder, once you start, you need to continue. When birds start coming to your home to eat, they get used to the food being there so it is important to keep feeding them.

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