How to Win Tickets to Lakers Games

By Jessica Pestka

  • Overview

    Most major sports teams use ticket giveaways as a marketing tool to fill seats and to get people interested in the team. These giveaways are provided locally through sponsors, media and the actual team. The key to winning any prize is diligence. Entering a large number of giveaways from a number of sponsors will increase the odds of winning a prize. Eventually, with enough time, patience and commitment the odds will be in favor a win. Pay close attention to the rules, enter as many giveaways as possible and win tickets to Lakers games.
    Dilligence is the key to winning any giveaway
    • Step 1

      Check the Lakers homepage frequently for promotions and Lakers sweepstakes. The official homepage of the Lakers has a page dedicated to giveaways and promotions (see Resources below). This page contains multiple contests and giveaways that include Lakers tickets as the prize.
    • Step 2

      Visit Los Angeles radio and TV station websites weekly and enter their on-line sweepstakes for Lakers tickets. These sites sometimes include Lakers tickets as promotional giveaways. Sports radio stations are the most likely place to give away Lakers tickets, but any radio station may offer tickets at as a prize occasionally. A link to a list of Los Angeles area radio stations is provided in the "More information" section below.

    • Step 3

      Listen to Lakers games on the radio for opportunities to call in and win tickets to a game. These Lakers giveaways may be offered at any time but are more frequent during games, just prior to the season opener or during radio shows that are dedicated to basketball topics.
    • Step 4

      Watch the televised Lakers games on TV. The TV station or sponsors may advertise contests and giveaways for free Lakers tickets during commercial breaks.
    • Step 5

      Visit local Lakers sponsors when possible. Sponsors change season to season but are usually featured on the Lakers homepage or in advertising during the game. These sponsors may run their own giveaways throughout the season.
    • Skill: Easy
    • Tip: While attending Lakers games look for promotional giveaways for tickets. Tickets are often given away as part of promotions such as designated driver registration or e-mail sign-up lists.
    • Tip: If a prize is more than $501 in estimated value you will be required to pay federal taxes on the prize and provide your Social Security number for tax purposes.
    • Warning:
    • Never pay to receive a prize. A number of scams exist in which individuals claim you have won a prize and then attempt to collect shipping or processing fees to send you the prize. Per state and national law you never have to pay for a true sweepstakes prize.
    • Do not give out credit card or bank information to claim a prize. Again, legitimate sweepstakes will never require this information for claiming a prize.

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