Free Wind Chime Craft Projects: Forks, Spoons, And Glass

Learn to make a beautiful, functional and unusual vintage flatware wind chime that looks like art at a fraction of the cost.

To add a bit of folk art charm or kitsch to a porch, balcony or garden, try adding decorative wind chimes made out of household items such as forks, spoons, and bits of colored glass.

For a nice simple hanging wind chime, select a few pieces of old flatware. Scrap silverware is nice, but does not weather as well as stainless steel. First select a nice large serving fork with at least 4 long prongs, a nice large serving spoon, and a small salad fork for each prong of the large fork. You will also need a drill with a small bit that is rated for drilling through metal and some nylon fishing twine.

Drill a hole in the top of the handle of each piece of flatware. Also drill a small hole toward the middle bottom of the large serving fork close to the prongs. Next, use a pair of needle nose pliers to bend the prongs in 4 different directions, giving them a small curly loop towards the tip of each prong. Then use a hammer to flatten the cup of the spoon. Don't worry about making it too smooth - the hammer marks will help the spoon to weather with an interesting pattern. Now use the pliers to curl the prongs on the smaller salad forks in different directions.

Use the nylon fishing twine to suspend the spoon from the hole in the bottom of the serving fork. Adding a few large colored glass beads on the twine will give a bit of added flair. Next, use the nylon string to suspend a salad fork from each prong of the large serving fork. Be sure that the spoon and forks are hung at the same level so that they can gently bump in the wind to produce a tinkling sound. Finally, tie a long piece of sturdy nylon string to the top of the wind chime for hanging.

For a nice and functional garden decoration, try hanging wind chimes in the trees around your garden. The noise they produce will help scare away a few of the larger garden pests.

For the garden plot itself, it's easy to make a nice wind fan. Use long pieces of stripped heavy gauge wire or very fine metal tubing. Cut several long pieces and weld or attach them together at the bottom. Next, attach flattened spoons and forks with curled prongs, or disks of metal, to the end of each piece of tubing. Be sure to alternate. Next fan the thin tubes out with just a few inches in between each end and stick the bundled end securely in the ground. To add a bit of color and light to your wind fan, try looping the tubing around bits of broken glass of different colors.

Most people have at least a few of the raw materials for these crafts around the house, such as mismatched silverware and old glass beads or buttons. If not, try shopping at a flea market or antique store, both of which are often good sources of mismatched flatware. For glass beads and other materials, try an arts and crafts store. With a little bit of creativity, you can have a functional work of folk art at a fraction of the cost!

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