Is Wind Energy Considered To Be "Green Power"?

Is wind energy considered to be "green power"? Wind energy is a form of green power because it's renewable. Green Mountain Energy supplies much of the Dallas area with power that is 100 percent wind. Sure....

Sure. People talk about green power or green energy, and in a lot of different ways they define it differently, but some people talk about green energy just meaning renewable energy. But, most people, when they are talking about green power or green energy, they are talking about something a little bit more specific and that is voluntary renewable energy purchases.

So, in Texas, for example, in Austin, you have to buy electricity from Austin, but they have a green power program where they enable you to pay a different rate and how that rate is structured depends on the utility, but it is a different specific rate for this renewable energy. If you lived in Dallas, you could choose your provider and one of your providers, for example would be Green Mountain Energy and Green Mountain offers a 100 percent wind product. So, you could chose to buy 100 of your power from wind power.

And, here in Washington DC, I buy green power for my apartment from a wind farm in West Virginia. But, I do not directly get that power. Because of my purchase, that power is produced and put on through the grid. But, the power that I am actually bringing into my house probably not different than it was before.

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