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Many people purchase expensive window cleaning solutions, when in their home is one of the best solvents ever made -- water!

In a rush to make windows as sparkling clean as possible, many persons purchase various window-washing cleaners. Short-term, many of these are excellent at removing dust, dirt and other grime. However, in the long-term, it's possible that some of these window cleaning solutions may actually contribute to -- rather than eliminate --smears and other dirt buildup. That's mainly because people often use more cleanser than necessary.

Consider this: after cleaning your window have you ever noticed a white streak that is very difficult to remove? If so, you used too much window cleaning solution. And, if so, you also may be spending more money than necessary to keep your windows tidy.


Because many people purchase expensive solvents to clean windows, when in their home is one of the best solvents ever made -- water! As a window cleaning solvent, water is an inexpensive, ever-present window cleaning solution. As a window cleaning solvent, water helps to remove stains and smears that occur after frequent use of window cleaning products. To incorporate water in your window washing efforts:

1 -- Use intermittently. Every few weeks, consider washing your windows with just warm water. When you do, you'll be suprised at the amount of suds in the water from window cleaners used in prior weeks.

2 -- Dry with a lint-free cloth or paper towel. Often times the material used to dry windows after washing causes lint and other fine particles to stick to windows. To avoid this happening, use a cloth or paper product that is as lint free as possible.

3 -- Make it last. After using water on your windows, strive to cut down on the subsequent use of window cleaners. As you clean, be conscious of how many squirts of cleaner you use -- unless your windows are unusually dirty, a few short squirts should do the trick. Any more of than that, and you're actually making your windows dirty not clean.

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