Window Cleaning Tips

Tips for cleaning your windows, panes, blinds, drapes or shades.

Use a hand-held vacuum to clean window screens and remove dirt from the frames and window tracks.

Glass Tactics

Wash the outside of the window panes left to right and the inside top to bottom. That way if they are streaked you'll now which side to do over.

Wash from top to bottom so drips won't streak or spot those you've already washed.

Scrunched up newspapers still give the best cleaning but make your hands black. Try a cotton rag, percale pillowcase, cloth diaper or a coffee filter (works GREAT on mirrors too!).

Use a soft toothbrush to clean your inside corners.

Screen Ideas

Cleaning - Lay screen against outside wall or fence. Rinse thoroughly with the hose to remove most of the dirt. Scrub with a nylon brush and a mixture of dish detergent and water. Dry with an old towel.

If aluminum storm windows won't glide smoothly in their tracks, make a scrunched ball of waxed paper and rub it along the edge of the window casing a few times.

To clean aluminum frames, use liquid soap and a scouring pad. After rinsing, put a few drops of vegetable oil on the tracks. Move the window up and down to distribute the oil evenly.

Use a lint brush on the window screen to pick up dust and grime (reserve that one for windows only not clothing).

Drapery Dilemmas

Tie a fishing sinker or similar small weight to the ends of curtain drapery cords to keep them from flapping around.

Use Velcro instead of hooks on drapery tiebacks.

If curtains won't stay closed, put a magnet in each of the bottom hems.

When a roller shade won't work, keep it in place with Velcro. Attach the loop side to the windowsill and the hook side to the bottom of the shade.

If your drapes are backed with the rubber-type insulator and part of the backing tears, replace it with the caulking compound used to seal around bathtubs and windows.

Mend your torn drapes with iron-on interfacing.


Spot problems - try a cloth dipped in a mixture of rubbing alcohol and water.

Apply a coat of clear paste wax or floor wax to outdoor windowsills to protect them from dirt and moisture (this also works well on wood furniture kept outside).

Mini-blinds are always dust collectors. Before hanging new or just-cleaned blinds, spray them with anti-static guard. It'll take the dust longer to build up and easier to remove when it does!

Metal or Plastic Blind Cleaning

Hang the blinds on self-stick hooks in your shower and use a hand-held shower hose and dishwashing liquid to wash and air dry.

Hang the blinds over a clothesline, then clean with a soapy brush and rinse with your garden hose.

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