Window Screen Repair: Replacing

Do your screens need repair? Tired of looking at holes in your screen windows from years of wear and tear? Replace those screens and make your windows look brand new once more.

Just bought a new home and the screen windows are worn and have holes? Repair them yourself with a few simple materials and one tool.

The screening material comes in several different

weights. Some are darker than others. The plastic line is usually gray or black in color.

You can buy the screening material, the screening line used to hold the screening in the frame and a screening tool at your local home improvement center, such as Home Depot or Lowe's. The screening material comes in rolls in different lengths and widths, so you will need to measure the windows first. If you buy the screening material too short, when you insert it on the frame, it will pop out when pressure is applied to the window. Buy the screening plastic line by the foot or roll. Be careful that you purchase the line not too thin, if your frame calls for a wider line, the screening will not hold.

Now that you have all the necessary materials, lay out your window frames on a table and cut the screening to match the length and width of the window. Lay it over the frame of the window and now cut your screening line to match the dimension of the window. With your screening tool, place the line over the groove in the window that holds the screening in and run the tool over the material gently, as to not rip the material. Put pressure on the tool and the line will go right into the groove on top of the screening material. Make sure the material fits snug in the frame, or else you will have the screening flapping in the wind when you insert the finished project back into your window.

You should end up with a screen that has no excess material hanging over the edges.

Repeat these steps for all your damaged screens and then you too can tell everyone, " I did it myself!"

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