How to Get Free Winks on My MSN

By Amanda Kondolojy

  • Overview

    Although the MSN Live Messenger may be less popular than its AOL and Yahoo counterparts, the service has quite a few perks that the other instant messaging services don't offer. Among these perks are customizable themes, icons, and animated winks. These winks are generally only 3-5 seconds in length and are available through third-party sites.
    How to Get Free Winks on My MSN
    How to Get Free Winks on My MSN
    • Step 1

      Log in to MSN Messenger using your e-mail address and password. You must have Windows messenger version 7.5 or later installed to use and view winks. If you have an older version of Windows messenger you will need to download the latest version from the official MSN website.
    • Step 2

      Open a chat window once you have logged in. You can do this by either clicking on a contact name or by going to the "Actions" tab on the menu bar and clicking on "Open Instant Message Window."

    • Step 3

      Go to the middle menu bar, between the sending and receiving windows, and click on the Wink icon. A sub menu will pop-up. Click on the "See More Offerings" link.
    • Step 4

      Pick a Provider. A new sub-menu will pop-up and you may select third-party Wink providers such as Kiwee, Quebles, and WeeMee. Click on one of these providers and a new MSN Messenger window will pop-up. You will automatically be signed in to these websites using your MSN id.
    • Step 5

      Browse the different Winks and then decide which ones you want to download. When you have decided, simply double click on the Wink you like, and it will automatically be added to your Wink list once it has finished downloading.
    • Skill: Easy
    • Ingredients:
    • MSN Live Messenger
    • Tip: Although you can download as many Winks as you want, if you end up with too many it may be difficult to apply shortcuts or organize the Winks you already have.
    • Warning:
    • Although most websites offer free winks, be wary of those requiring a paypal account or credit card number before downloading.

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