Winter Wedding Favor Ideas

Ideas on how to make or create your own wedding favors for a winter ceremony and reception.

Spring and summer are the most common wedding seasons. Winter weddings, however, are increasingly popular and offer couples the opportunity to coordinate their celebration with major holidays and family gatherings. Because of that added significance, wedding favors should reflect the joy of the season as well as the importance of sharing such a momentous occasion with family and friends.

Winter Wedding Favors: Chilly Choices

Winter weddings often utilize snow and ice themes with cool colors such as silver and blue along with snowflakes, icicles, or evergreens as accents. A range of coordinating favors is available, and despite a chilly theme, they convey the warmth and love of the occasion to everyone who attends.

Frosted candle holders with white or light blue candles offer a chilly visual presentation coupled with the warmth and romance of a burning candle. Mint, pine, or evergreen scented candles are particularly appropriate for winter weddings. For an even cooler appearance, crystal or silver candle holders or miniature frames are elegant choices. Miniature snow globes can be personalized with the couple's picture or a personal note to create unique winter favors.

Chocolate is a classic wedding favor, and white chocolate coordinates well with a winter theme. Chocolate can be molded into a wide variety of shapes, including snowmen or snowflakes. Silver or white wrapped chocolate balls can represent miniature snowballs to add a humorous touch as well as a tasty treat. Hot chocolate, coffee, or tea packets can be personalized with the wedding date, couple's names, or a romantic sentiment for a delicious favor. Packets can be presented by themselves, attached to cards, or placed in a coordinating mug.

For a humorous and unique twist to winter wedding favors, provide guests with something to keep them warm: a pair of mittens or cozy socks. Tied together with a ribbon, the pair can be filled with chocolate kisses, candied almonds, or tossing favors such as rice, birdseed, or rose petals. These favors will be appreciated long after the wedding as guests continue to appreciate their warmth and remember the warmth and love of the celebration.

Another long-lasting gift is to give seeds as wedding favors. Evergreen, holly, or poinsettia seeds are particularly relevant for winter festivities. Small potted poinsettias or other seasonal flowers are also excellent choices.

Winter Wedding Favors: Holiday Mementos

If the wedding theme embraces winter holidays such as Christmas, Hanukkah, Kwanzaa, or New Year's, a wide variety of coordinating favors is available. Ornaments are a popular choice and include designs such as glass bulbs, miniature trees, snowflakes, wedding cakes, bridal couples, rings, bells, and more. Most ornaments are easily personalized with names, dates, or brief messages for a more intimate gift.

Miniature stockings are easily personalized, inexpensive favors, and they can be filled with candy, tossing rice, birdseed, or a simple, heartfelt note. For a New Year's event, miniature plastic champagne glasses are a popular selection to fill with similar items.

Edible wedding favors are classic favorites, and chocolates can be found in a variety of holiday themes. Holiday lights, ornaments, holly leaves, or chocolate bars inscribed with holiday greetings are only a few of the choices. While white chocolate coordinates best with a winter theme, milk or dark chocolate favors can be wrapped in holiday-colored foil for a bright and festive accent.

Other tasty treats include candy canes or gingerbread cookies. Candy canes can be tied with a personalized ribbon, and gingerbread cookies can be decorated as miniature brides and grooms. Other shaped cookies such as traditional holiday trees, stars, snowflakes, and snowmen are popular, as are wedding shapes such as cakes, hearts, or bridal gowns. Different types of cookies can be decorated, and sugar cookies are a classic favorite. For a longer lasting treat, include holiday cookie cutters that demonstrate how the bride and groom are "cut out for each other."

Most wedding favors can coordinate with a winter theme with proper packaging. Using holly, crystals, or holiday-colored ribbon as trim or ties lends a distinctive chilly touch to any gift, and garland or white fur are other creative options. Miniature candy canes, jingle bells, or tiny glass bulb ornaments are great accents to any wedding favor.

Wedding favors convey the happy couple's warmth and friendship to their guests. Even during the chilliest months, thoughtful gifts such as hot chocolate, snow globes, and ornaments will warm the hearts of everyone celebrating the occasion.

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