How to Wire a PA300 Siren

Federal Signal's PA300 series sirens can provide wail, yelp and Hi-Lo siren tones. Other features can include public address, radio re-broadcast and air horn. One of the sirens uses a rapid yelp priority tone instead of the Hi-Lo tone. Tap functionality allows the user to change from wail to yelp or back again using the vehicle's horn control. Installation involves mounting the PA300 and then wiring the power cable along with the radio and horn ring, if desired.

List of Items Needed

  • 1 or 2 11-ohm Federal Signal high or low power speakers
  • 18 AWG wire
  • Wire strippers
  1. Connect the speakers in parallel and in phase by connecting the two speaker leads labeled "1" to the blue "Speaker Common" control cable lead. Connect the two speaker leads labeled "2" to the "Speaker High Power" or "Speaker Low Power" control cable leads depending on the speaker.

  2. Connect the speaker leads to "Speaker Low Power" or "Speaker High Power" depending on the speaker. Don't connect the brown "Speaker High Power" and orange "Speaker Low Power" wires together to the speakers. Keep "Low" and "High" unconnected.

  3. Connect the two brown zip cord leads that are in Pins 1 and 2 across the radio's speaker.

  4. Connect the white wire to the horn ring by cutting the wire that connects the horn ring switch to the horn relay. Splice the white/yellow control cable wire in Pin 4 to the horn-ring side of the wire. Then splice the white control cable wire which is in Pin 5 to the horn-relay side of the cut wire. Insulate with the wire nuts that were included in the kit.

  5. Connect the red power cable to the vehicle's positive terminal on the 12V battery. The 690010 and 690016 have an inline fuse holder. The 690009 has a chassis mounted fuse. Connect the black wire to the ground of the vehicle. Keep the fuse holders as close to the battery as you can.

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