Women And Common Hair Coloring Problems

Have you ever colored or bleached your hair? Did you have problems with rashes and your hair coming out the wrong color?

Women have been dying their hair for ages. In the 50's they used henna rinses. They were messy and didn't last long. Times have changed, and now we have many different chemicals in hair dye. These new chemicals added over the years can cause severe skin reactions. Possible hair loss can occur if not applied properly. Instead of coming out with blonde hair, you now have green hair.

Always do a patch test before dying your hair. Apply a patch test under the back of your hair near your neck. This way if there is a reaction, it won't be noticeable. This applies to bleaching and putting color in your hair.

Be sure and cut off all the dry ends of your hair first. This would be a good time to get a trim. The ends of your hair are porous, so cutting the ends keeps the color even.

Apply the bleach or dye on the roots of your hair first. This is the new growth which needs more penetration first. Then apply to the ends. Make sure that if bleaching your hair, you remove the color of your natural hair to almost white before putting on a toner. If you bring the color down to a red tone with the bleach and add a light blonde toner, you will have reddish blonde hair.

Dying the hair with haircoloring requires you to know that hair dye comes in colors such as red tones, gold tones and green tones. If you dyed your hair with a gold based dye and then dyed your hair with a green based dye, chances are your hair will turn green. The reason for this is you cannot mix dyes with different colored bases.

If not sure of the different dyes and which ones to use, find a beauty supply store and ask someone there, or call a beauty salon or visit your hairdresser.

If you do a patch test and have an allergic reaction, do not use the haircoloring or bleach. If you bleach or dye your hair and find breakage happening, stop immediately and wash your hair. Do not continue!

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