Women's Clothing And Accessories: What Shoes To Wear With Capri Pants

Capris come in many varieties, and numerous types of shoes can be worn with capri pants. So be creative when it comes to capri and shoe combinations.

Versatility and variety have to be two of the biggest reasons that capri pants continue to be fashionable year after year.Capris can be worn from spring well into fall and can be used in a variety of ways.This article will highlight some of the most popular looks that can be created with capris, with a focus on what types of shoes are appropriate with each look.

During the summer months when the weather is hot and humid, capris are best worn with camisoles or tank tops.Camisoles go great with bright or pastel capris that are of a light, cotton material.Tanks go really well with cargo and drawstring capris.Both looks are quite casual and would therefore be paired best with any sort of flip flop or flat sandal.These looks are the epitome of fun and relaxed, so don't be afraid to wear a pair of shoes that are bright and busy (such as with flower or polka dot details to name a couple).Comfort is key here, so try to stay away from heeled shoes with this look.

Capris made out of mesh or knit material (sometimes called "yoga" pants) are the ultimate in comfort, especially where cropped pants are concerned.These pants are of course great for the gym and also just to lounge around.Tennis shoes are the best compliment to this casual, sporty look.Flip flops can be worn here as well, although tennis shoes allow for strenuous exercise and any other sort of physical activity one might do.

During the spring and fall months, capris are a great median between long pants and shorts and skirts.Capris can be worn in many professional settings, which is great for mild temperature days.Pair them with a sleeveless, satin top and a cropped blazer for an awesome office outfit.A cute little wedge heel or flat leather sandal would be perfect compliments to the rest of the look.When the temperature is a little cooler, try wearing a lightweight sweater as a top and a pair of Mary Jane's or loafers.

Capris can certainly be sexy as well, especially when dressed up with the right shoes.Stretch capris are rather form-fitting and can thus create a flattering look on many figures.White and black, more than any other colors, produce the hottest looks with capris.Adding a pair of stilettos or pointy-toed heels will automatically transfer any ensemble into a sexy, striking look, and it's especially true in this case.

The above style doesn't have to be limited to just stretch material.A pair of wide-legged cargo capris would look awesome with a beret, dangly earrings, and a great pair of heels.Switch to a pair of sneakers or sandals and you quickly go from sexy to sporty just by changing your shoes.

An alternative look can also be created with capris.Try any pair of baggy capris in a dark color such as black or brown, a rock group tee shirt, and a metal chain that attaches to the side pocket.Suede, soccer-style sneakers are the most popular footwear with this outfit.Combat boots can certainly be worn here as well.Many girls have produced this look by buying not actual capri pants, but men's shorts.The shorts tend to be long and baggy enough on girls to create the effect of capris.This innovative style creates a great "alternative" look.

Capri pants are a fun, popular fashion trend, largely because of their versatility and variety.Capris come in countless styles, colors, materials and lengths.Capris fit all body types and can be sporty, sexy and professional.Because capris come in so many varieties, numerous types of shoes can be worn with capri pants.In fact, there probably is not a pair of shoes out there that can't be paired with capris.So no matter what your style, be creative when it comes to capri and shoe combinations.You can't mess them up!

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