Women's Clothing: Understanding Blue Jean Fits And Labels

A guide to the different lengths, cuts, leg openings, and washed of denim and blue jeans.

In today's fashion world, selecting just the right pair of jeans can be extremely difficult for women.There are so many styles, washes, and brands to choose from, finding the pair for you can be like looking for a needle in a haystack.Most newer brands of jeans are now selling their denim in different cuts, inseams, colors, and sizes, so it's important to know what all of the terminology means.

The first step in choosing the right pair of jeans is the simplest: finding your inseam.Inseams used to be on tags strictly for men's clothing, but that is now becoming a thing of the past.Currently, many brands are selling the same types of jeans for women with different inseam lengths.Be particularly careful to check for this when shopping, because you don't want to end up with a pair that is either too long or too short for your leg length.If you do not know what your inseam is, take a tape measure and begin at the crotch of a pair of well-fitting jeans you already have and measure down to the ankle.The number of inches will be your inseam.Most inseams range anywhere from 30" (short) to 37" (tall).

Once the inseam is found, the tricky part begins: Finding the cut of jeans right for you.Overall, the type of cut you wear and how it looks depends on your body type.The most popular cut now is low-rise, or "hipster" or "hip hugger" jeans.These jeans sit just below the bellybutton, and ride low on the waist.You may want to be careful of these jeans, as wearing shorter-length shirts can expose your tummy.Relaxed cut jeans is another option.Typically, these fit right at the bellybutton instead of below it.These are typically more comfortable and expose less skin. If this is still too low, you may choose the high-waisted cut, which will sit just above the hip line.

In addition to the cuts for the waist, the style of the leg openings is important as well.Believe it or not, bellbottoms are making a comeback!Look for jeans labeled "bells", as these will have larger leg openings.You can opt for flare jeans that have slightly larger leg openings, but not quite as dramatic as bells.Bootcut is another great option, which offer a slightly larger leg opening, but nothing too dramatic.Originally created to wear over cowboy boots, bootcut jeans are making a huge comeback.Tapered cut is an option for those who like their jeans to fit tighter around the ankles.

Washes of jeans are now in a rainbow of colors as well.Indigo is a dark blue wash that looks almost like black, very close to a navy blue color.Acid wash gives blue denim a very light color, sometimes almost white depending on the degree of the wash.Distressed gives jeans a multi-colored look, making some parts of the jeans look darker than others.In addition to these washes, you can still find classic denim, faded, and even color-washed which gives denim a variety of solid colors instead of the traditional blue.

Knowing what to look for when shopping for jeans can make your hunt for the perfect pair much better, and understanding the terminology before you head out on your search can make the process a lot easier, and more fun.

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