Women's Fashion: The Best Body Types For Low-Rise Shorts

Many people can wear low-rise shorts. The ideal body shape is the pearshape or the hour glass shape.

There are many different body types out there. Women come in many different shapes and sizes. And as you know, no two women will be exactly the same. The important thing to remember when selecting your wardrobe is to go for things that compliment you particular body type. For example, if you are blessed in the hip area, you should wear things that flatter your hips. There are many sexy, spunky new styles out there that we all would love to be able to wear. But, alas, not all of us are best suited for all of these new styles; the low-rise shorts being one of them.

All women do not have the body type best suited for those low-rise shorts that are so popular these days. We see them everywhere and many people are wearing them. All of us have seen ads on TV, in magazines, and everywhere else, of those beautiful super models that can wear anything. Not everyone is a super model. This is a fact of life that we must accept.

The best body type for low rise shorts would probably be the pear shape body. This body type usually carries most of the weight in their lower regions like the hips and butt. It is similar to the hour glass shape in that the stomach tends to be leaner and the hips more rounded. But I suppose any person in good shape would be able to comfortably wear low-rise shorts. There are a few key things that should be considered, though.

In order to be a good candidate for those shorts you must first and fore-most be in good shape, physically. The first thing that should be considered is the abs. Having lean abs is key in wearing those shorts. After all, low-rise shorts are made that way to highlight the abs. So no matter what your body type, abs are vital. The next thing is that you should take a look at your backside and hips. It is ideal to have slightly rounded hips, just not too round. A lean stomach and round hips nicely accent these shorts. That's the ideal, but lean hips would work well also.

Typically, low-rise shorts tend also to be very short. So it would be a good idea to take a close look at your legs. They should appear lean and muscular. Legs need to be free of cellulite and spider veins. You might also consider waxing instead of shaving if you are planning on wearing this style of short regularly. Waxing lasts longer and does not leave behind bumps or nicks. It also leaves skin smoother and healthier looking. All of which are good qualities to have when wearing low-rise shorts.

Another quality that you should posses if you want to successfully wear low-rise shorts is to have plenty of confidence. That will go a long way in diverting attention from any problem areas. If you have the confidence, it makes no difference what type of body you have. If you feel beautiful, you will look beautiful.

So, ladies, anyone out there looking to don a pair of low-rise shorts has her work cut out for her. Work hard, get in shape, and go out there looking great. Remember to take the time to take care of yourself. It will show, no matter what you wear.

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