Women's Fashion: Choosing The Best Earrings For Your Face Shape

A guide to determining your face shape and the most complimentary earrings to fit that shape.

Fitting earrings to the occasion, your style and the outfit is a personal and important selection.But just as important can be fitting those earrings to your face shape.Your selection can make or break an outfit.

Though it may be difficult to judge your own face shape there are a few tricks to reach a good, scientific determination.

Stand in front of a mirror with wet hair or your hair drawn back.Trace your face shape onto the mirror with lipstick or eyeliner pencil.Usually the traced shape clearly stands out and a determination of shape is easy.Decide if the traced shape looks, oval, round, heart shaped or triangular.

If the shape is unclear, utilize a tape measure by measuring your face in different areas and writing down the results.For width measurements, measure across your forehead at the widest point which is usually above your eyebrows and near your temples.Smile and find the top of your cheekbones; measure from side to side. And, measure from each side of your jawbone to the other.For face length, measure from the tip of your hairline to the tip of your chin.

An oval shaped face will result in the length measurement being longer than any of the width measurements - sometimes as much as one and a half times longer.

A round shaped face will result with the forehead and cheekbone measurements equaling the length and show the cheekbone measurement as slightly wider than the forehead measurement.

A heart shaped face will result in the width measurements descending as cheekbone, forehead and then jaw line.

A triangular shaped face will result in the width measurements descending from forehead to cheekbone to jaw line.

In addition, confirmation of your face shape can take place with your hairdresser.Many hairdressers see your face objectively and determine a hairstyle that will best fit that shape.Since they see you with wet hair and are concentrating on your head and face, they have the advantage.

Once you've determined your face shape, use the following guide to select the best earrings and anticipate a steady flow of compliments.

Oval shaped faces look best with earrings that widen and balance the face.Hoops and larger oval shaped earrings work very well, as do studs and round shapes.Avoid long, dangling earrings as they pull the face shape downward, lengthening it further.

Round shaped faces look best with earrings that create balance.Large earrings with angular shapes, wide dangling types and any that add length will soften the curves of a round faces.Avoid tiny earrings as they can get lost with a round face and hairstyle.

A heart shaped face looks best with earrings that balance at the cheekbones.Select large earrings that have an angular flare, oval shaped or dangles with a large object at the bottom.Avoid hoops and circular shaped or short earrings.

A triangular shaped face looks best with small circular earrings or long earrings that dangle.Earrings with curves will soften the angles of a triangular face as well.Avoid earrings that come to a point as they can call attention to a pointed chin.

Remember to dress for the occasion and match the style of the earrings with the clothing you wear.In addition, keep your earrings fashionable and up-to-date as fads fade quickly.The best selection is a simple style that matches numerous outfits and will stay in fashion.

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