Womens Fashion Professional Accessories

An overview of what works and what doesn't when accesorizing suits.

As modern professional women, we are given a few more fashion options than men to wear in the office.Our suits may have pants of skirts of various lengths.Suits come in several colors other than black, navy, gray, and brown.We are, however still expected to appear professional while coming across a stylish and well dressed.Our accessories can bring our the flair of our feminine style, or they can help us blend into the crowd.


The glitz and glamour of our evening jewelry is not appropriate for the office environment.Red carpet sized chucks of precious stones are more sparkle than we need at work.So what pieces out of the jewelry box can we wear to work without causing snow-blindness?

Broaches are currently very popular, and are also timeless and classy.On a dark suit, try medium sized crystal crusted pieces to add some depth and light.On lighter colored suits, try creations of polished silver or gold.The twists of metal will add weight to the airy look of a pale day suit.

Earrings and necklaces should balance each other.If one is very flashy, the other should be proportionally subtle: a simple gold chain necklace paired with gold and crystal chandelier earrings, or a chunky turquoise necklace with slim silver hoop earrings.

Keep bracelets minimal.One hoop on each arms is adequate, and one of those hoops will probably be a watch.Matched bracelets and necklaces can be very nice, if they are subtle looks.Too much big jewelry, matched or not,can cheapen the look of an otherwise elegant outfit.


Shoes are many women's answer to every problem, and a matter of such importance that it is dangerous to give too much instruction on choosing them.I will advise a bit on how to match them to your professional attire.

Save the highest heels and the pointiest toes to wear with slacks or calf length skirts.

Loafers and flats should also be paired with slacks and nothing else.

Dress boots can be worn with semi-casual skirts with great dramatic effect.

If you are wearing a "╦ťshort' skirt, restrain your use of high heels to not more than two inches.More than that and you will either come across cheap, or like a dominatrix.Ditto for the razor sharp pointy toed shoes.

Professional shoes should also be in a relatively quiet color: black, gray, navy, brown, etc.If you choose to wear colored shoes, be sure that they match the other accessories you've chosen for the day, or allow them to be your only bright accessory.Loud shoes are a powerful tool and can overwhelm an outfit easily.


Scarves are an ideal colorful classy way to ad a spot of color to a monochromatic outfit.Scarves range in size from oversized handkerchiefs to yard square, fringed works of art.Scarves are most effective when worn with crisp, tailored lines.Here are some ideas

Slip a bright colored pocket square into the breast pocket of a blazer to add a pop of color.

Tie on a neckerchief that coordinates with a pinstriped suit to ad a softer touch.

For under a suit jacket that is too low to wear shirtless and too high for a camisole, fold a large scarf into a triangle and tie it behind your neck (open point down) to create dramatic draping and color splash.

*A Note About Bags, Planners, and Portfolios

As women in the workplace, we come prepared with the same weapons the men carry.Many women use the very same binders and briefcases as their male coworkers and this is quite functional.On the other hand, it is possible to carry elegant, feminine bags and binders that are just as functional and fashionable as well.

Choose pieces that match.Buying sets is a very feminine hobby, and the look is subtle and lovely.Planners, portfolios, and briefcases in matched sets are available from the most expensive designers (Coach and Louis Vuitton) to more moderate companies (Brighton Collectables and Franklin Covey).Keep your eyes open in the bargain centers as well.Tidy sets or coincidentally matched items are often available at such places it you keep your eyes pealed.

When choosing these items, choose one distinct feature to draw attention, and keep the rest of the design basic.If your dream planner is made in violet suede, for example, be sure that it is designed in a very sleek classic way.Violet suede, spangled with crystal and fringe will have you looking ridiculous, and all of your coworkers will find it difficult to take you seriously.

General Accessory Rules

Suits are large areas of solid color, but even without accessories they look ok.Do not over do accessorizing them.If you take one nice suit and jazz it up with a bright colored item from each category, you will end up looking like you dressed in the dark.

If you wear big earrings and interesting shoes, pass on the necklace, scarf and Hawaiian print briefcase.

One or two bright accessories is all any outfit can handle.

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