Women's Health: Are Cramps A Sign Of Pregnancy?

Whether or not cramps are a sign or symptom of pregnancy, and what causes them.

Are cramps a sign of pregnancy?

Yes abdominal cramps are a possible sign of pregnancy. The cramps are usually accompanied by sore breasts, a lack of menstruation or an absent period, as well as a few other symptoms of early pregnancy. Having abdominal cramps alone is not a true sign of pregnancy though, because it could mean a number of different things. A lot of women experience cramping around the middle of their menstrual cycle, usually day fourteen or fifteen, as a sign of ovulation. There are also a lot of women who have abdominal and leg cramps the week prior to and the week of their menstrual period. Many women have mistaken their menstrual and ovulation cramps as a possible sign of pregnancy only to later be wrong.

If you truly believe that you are pregnant, and you are experiencing some cramping along with the absence of your period, then go ahead a take a home pregnancy test. If you do not want to chance a home pregnancy test or you get a negative result then wait a few days and make an appointment with your physician to have a blood test done to confirm that you are in fact pregnant. Other symptoms of early pregnancy that you may be experiencing along with the cramping could be frequent urination, exhaustion, food cravings, nausea, and mood swings (just to name a few). Please remember that every woman is different and will experience pregnancy in her own way. The only way to be sure that you are pregnant is to have your doctor check and confirm that you are in fact pregnant.

A few of thereasons you could be experiencing cramping as a sign of pregnancyare indigestion, bloating , and gas which will later result in flatulence. When you are pregnant it may feel like the inner works of your digestive system seem to slow way down and your stomach suddenly becomes very finicky. Even before you know that you are pregnant, your body knows that you are and certain changes start to take place as a result. All of a sudden the foods that you used to eat without any problem will cause you terrible indigestion with bloating, gas and flatulence in close pursuit. All of these symptoms can cause some very uncomfortable abdominal cramping. Drinking milk or water can help ease your stomach and relieve some of the cramping, as well astaking an antacid with calcium which is always a good way to help get things settled again. Another great way to ease abdominal cramping is to drink a warm cup of tea, it really helps relieve the gas pain that in turn gets rid of a lot of the cramping and aids in digestion too.

Another reason for the cramping could be that you are feeling your body prepare for the future growth of your baby. During your pregnancy you will feel your uterus moving into different positions and all of your other organs being pushed out of the way as your uterus grows. This movement can cause a great deal of uncomfortable cramping for you, though this is less likely to occur within the first month of conception.

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