Women's Maternity Clothing: Maternity Sweater Dress Outfits

Learn what a sweater dress is, how to wear one and where to find maternity sweater dresses.

A sweater dress is an article of clothing that can come in a variety of fabrics, lengths, and necklines.Fabrics can include cotton, rayon, & nylon.Lengths range from mini to the extra long tunic styles.Necklines stretch up to turtleneck, even out at crewneck, start dipping at cowl neck, and can plunge to a V-neck or deep V-neck style.

A sweater dress is a staple item in the closets of women everywhere"¦so why shouldn't it be when you're expecting?Whether you're carrying high, low, all around, all in front, or somewhere in between, a maternity sweater dress can complement just about any pregnant belly.

So what's the best way to wear a sweater dress when you're with child?Well, that depends on the season and time of year and, of course, your own personal style.For example, a lightweight cotton or rayon sweater dress teamed with a cute pair of sandals is perfect during the dog days of summer.Drape a cardigan over your shoulders and you're ready for a romantic evening dinner.How about staying warm during the winter season?Try a turtleneck sweater dress in your favorite color, accented with a loose chain belt and topped off with a pair of boots"¦Very trendy!Perhaps, the most versatile style that could be worn throughout various seasons would be the sleeveless variety.The sleeveless sweater dress is an awesome choice because it can be worn in warmer weather with a short sleeve shirt and lightweight pantyhose or, during the chillier temps, with a long sleeve shirt and tights.This choice is perfect to wear an assortment of other ways as well; it can easily be dressed up or dressed down to suit your needs.

Once you've narrowed down your sweater dress preference, there are some other features you might want to look for in a dress.For example, choose a dress that is easy to wear and easy to maintain.You want a dress that is easy to get in and out of when your waistline and abdomen are ever expanding.A simple pull over style is an excellent choice.Zipping a zipper in the back of the dress may prove to be a tedious task to zip to the top when you're pregnant.Choosing a sweater dress that is easy to maintain is also something to consider.Clothing that requires a lot of maintenance and cleaning may not the best choice during pregnancy.You don't want to have to be doing laundry every other day or running to the dry cleaners frequently.One final characteristic to look for is a dress that ties at the back.This option not only gives the dress a more fitted look, it also allows you to adjust the fit of the dress around your belly throughout the nine months.

Where to buy a maternity sweater dress?

Maternity clothing, including sweater dresses, can be found at most major retail department stores.However, sizes & styles may be limited at these types of locations.Your best bet would be to shop online or at a store that specializes in maternity clothing.

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