Womens Plus-Size Shirts

This article will help a plus-size woman choose a flattering, appropriate shirt or top.

With the advent of so many specialty shops that carry plus-size women's clothing, this group of consumers has more options for apparel than ever. However, many plus-size women are self-conscious or unsure of their fashion sense, and rarely buy new clothes for themselves. When they do, they tend to go with the largest size available and in dull colors, feeling they will be less conspicuous. However, a plus-size woman can buy bright tops and shirts and look fashionable and confident, rather than colorless and timid.

Fit, of course, is the most important part of any garment. Many women would rather choose whatever is the largest size, and swath themselves in it. This is a bad idea. It often gives the impression of a "circus lady" outfit. Buying too small may allow a woman to fool herself into thinking she is smaller than she is. She will end up looking like a sausage stuffed in a casing, with every bulge and roll outlined. Instead, a woman should look for shirts that fit well, but are neither too large nor too small. Most of the time, sales associates in specialty stores are sympathetic with the plus-size self-image and will be honest, as well as kind, about how something looks.

Construction is also a point of consideration for plus-size women buying tops. These women can wear tailored looks, but again, these cannot be snug or binding in any way. The top should also hit at least the midline of the abdomen. It need not cover it, but should come down part way over the rear in back. Cropped tops may be cute on the Britney Spears set, but they are definitely not for the Rubenesque among us. Some women wear tops that come nearly to their knees, and this can be just as unattractive. It depends on the top. A tunic-look top, or one with movement, will be fine at that length. Not T-shirts, though. A plus-size woman should also look for tops with ample armholes and enough ease through the shoulders that the sleeves do not bind when she reaches forward.

A large woman should also think about necklines when buying tops. A crew neck might be fine on a T-shirt, but a V-neck will give the neck more length (provided it doesn't show too much cleavage), and scoop necks are also attractive, with the same caveats.

Color is another important consideration. Black is a great basic, but larger women should not wear it all the time. Women should wear colors that are flattering and appropriate. Fabric designs that draw the eye downward, rather than across, are also desirable. Stitching that is in a vertical design is great, too. A color-block shirt in jewel tones for a brunette, an ice blue for a blonde, warm peach for a redhead "" all of these colors are wonderful and totally appropriate for a plus-size woman. She can usually pair these with dark or neutral bottoms for a pulled-together look.

A woman should also consider fabric when buying tops. She doesn't want anything that will hug rolls and bulges. Rather, drapey challis, jacquard, silk, and that miracle fabric, "slinky knit," are all great choices. Cotton is fine for casual tops, but fabric that moves with the woman is more flattering, as well as sexy. And plus-size women should think about being sexy, too.

If a top or shirt gives a woman confidence and pride in herself, it is the right garment for her. If she walks out with a new bounce in her step and a smile, she has chosen wisely.

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