Womens Shoe Fashions: What To Look For When Buying A Pair Of Slip Ons

Guide to choosing and using slip-on footwear. Comparing styles and tips on avoiding discomfort.Overview of a slip-on shoe style.

In today's fashion world, I think we can all agree that when it comes to formal dress, or "˜dressing to impress', there is absolutely nothing that beats a well-made, stylish pair of high heeled pumps. High heeled shoes are the perfect compliment to any ensemble, from jeans to cocktail dress. However, today's woman is far more active, both at home and in business, to be saddled with the burden of uncomfortable fashion for fashion's sake. Is there a solution? Yes; the slip-on shoe.

Available in virtually every style of shoe, from sneakers and hiking shoes to more conservative footwear, the slip on shoe can be the active woman's answer for a busy lifestyle.

In choosing a slip on shoe, it is imperative that one tries the shoe on in an actual store. Buying online is fine, once we have the correct fit, style and size obtained by a salesperson in an actual store. And, let's be fair, if someone goes to the trouble of sizing you, fetching enough shoes to try out, and offering advice and options, it might be nice to buy at least one pair from them. Of course, once we have the style and size down, online options are usually quite a nice shopping alternative, sometimes offering free shipping and low or no sales tax.

One of my personal favorites in the slip-on department is the moc. Usually made for trail walking or hiking, it is a style which is both attractive and sensible. Thick rubber heels and rounded toes lend themselves to a feeling of walking barefoot. The convenience of easy removal can be a blessing, especially after a cold weather hike in which wool socks may be involved.

The first thing I look for in a slip-on shoe is ease of the actual slipping on and off. The shoe ought not to be too tight nor too loose, as a loose shoe, especially one that is use for active wear, may cause blisters as badly as a shoe which is too tight.

Keep in mind when you choose your shoe that you may wear heavier socks if hiking, and if the shoe is for casual indoor wear, try it on with a lighter sock or stocking. Your shoe ought to feel comfortable immediately. The myth of "˜breaking in' a shoe is exactly that- a myth. If you can't leave the store wearing your new shoes comfortably, they are not the correct fit.

Another option to consider with a slip-on shoe is whether you prefer an open or closed back. If your preference is for an open backed shoe, keep in mind that the support for the shoe to stay on must come from the front of the shoe. Make sure the front of the shoe doesn't pinch your toes or rest too loosely on your instep. Either of these conditions will cause painful blisters. Your foot should rest comfortably in the band, or front of the shoe, and when walking, should not "˜slap' against your heel. Closed back shoes add considerably more support, yet the ease of slipping the foot into and out of the shoe must be measured. If you find that the back of the shoe must bend in order to put the shoe on, you may need to try a larger size.

Remember, shoe sizes may vary according to the manufacturer and country of origin. Not every size 6 is the same, so don't let the numbers dictate your comfort. If the shoe fits, wear it, but if it doesn't, try another.

The loafer style of shoe is an attractive slip on which may be worn with moderately conservative clothing. Many shoemakers, especially Italian and Swedish cobblers, have redesigned the loafer into a more stylish slip-on. A browse through some of the higher-end stores in your local mall may pleasantly surprise you with their loafer collections.

There are slip-on shoes made to look like cowboy boots, sneakers, and of course, the more daring among us may find a slip-on high heeled shoe.

Always try on the shoe before buying, walking around the selection area with both shoes on. Too often, one will try on only one of the shoes in a pair, only to find that when both shoes are on, discomfort arises.

The purpose of a slip-on shoe is comfort ability and ease of use. Style and fashion are always a consideration, however, so it is just as important to look good as it is to feel good. Choose wisely, and your shoes will add the most attractive accessory there is: a smile.

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